Aaron Fox-Hall Bio, Age, Family, Wife, School, Salary, Net Worth, Career

Aaron Fox-Hall Biography

Aaron Fox-Hall is an English YouTube gamer better known online as AshDubh. He has two YouTube accounts that are both dedicated to his vlogs and gameplays, respectively.

Aaron Fox-Hall Age

AshDubh was born as Aaron Fox-Hall on the 1st of July 1990, in England, the United Kingdom.

Aaron Fox-Hall Family

On 1 July 1990, AshDubh was born in England, in the United Kingdom. He goes by Aaron Fox-Hall in real life. He is currently a resident of Peterborough, England. One of his brothers is married. When AshDubh was younger, he enjoyed playing football and skating with his brother and pals. Gamers TheJamesMC and iBallisticSquid are his closest pals.

Aaron Fox-Hall Wife – Engaged

He has a successful marriage. In 2019, Hall wed his devoted bride Izzy Fox.

Fox-Hall Net Worth

His net worth is under review.

Aaron Fox-Hall Career

An English YouTube gamer named AshDubh. He is well known for producing kid-friendly “Minecraft” content and goes by the aliases “FearADubh” or “FubhADubh.” One of his YouTube channels is for gameplay videos, and the other is for his vlogs. His video game channel focuses primarily on “Minecraft” walkthroughs. The channel also features entertaining clips from live games, or “funtages,” as AshDubh puts it (fun footages). He publishes daily vlogs and Q&A videos on the second channel, which is a vlogging platform. AshDubh also has accounts on Instagram and Twitter. He owns a line of apparel that is sold online.

Early on in his life, AshDubh started working. He began working as a shelf stacker in a pound store. The entertainment sector has long been AshDubh’s dream job.
He was into music before he became into gaming. He has also given live performances in the UK. Later, AshDubh developed a passion for video games and went on to build a profession as a player. On “YouTube,” where he started his career, he published his first channel in December 2012. Formerly known as “FearADubh,” his channel is now rebranded as “AshDubh.” The word “fear” is combined with the letter “A” from his given name and the Irish word “dubh,” which means “black,” to form the title. He intended for the title to be equally eerie and terrifying as the story itself.

He has contributed to the “Stampy’s Lovely World” “Minecraft” series. In addition, AshDubh has taken part in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Races, Rocket League, and Scrap Mechanic. In the future, he started creating videos for video games like “GTA V,” “FIFA,” and “Ark: Survival Evolved.” ‘Race to the Moon’ is AshDubh’s best project on the channel to date, in his opinion. iBallisticSquid,  Tomohawk, TheJamesMC, and BigBStatz are just a few of the gamers he has collaborated with on “YouTube.” The channel currently has over 960k subscribers. ‘Aaron Fox-Hall [UG]’ (previously ‘AshDubh2/Dubh’) is the name of AshDubh’s YouTube vlog channel. He has rebranded this channel nearly six times and three times left it. His life stories make up the majority of the channel.

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