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Aaron Rasmussen Biography

Aaron Rasmussen is a well-known American inventor, businessman, and creator. He co-founded MasterClass, an online education platform, USMechatronics, and Harcos Laboratories, and he also founded Outlier.org, a platform for higher education that offers online college courses. Throughout his career, Rasmussen has deliberately merged his technical and creative abilities.

While earning his BS and BA at Boston University, Rasmussen created the first sentry gun, which attracted worldwide attention on the Internet and a visit from the US Army’s experimental weapons development section to his dorm room. His first venture into online education was MasterClass, which provided a platform for people to follow their passions by enrolling in seminars taught by celebrated performers, writers, and chefs. And right now, his business, Outlier.org, is changing the way that people can access higher education by providing certified online college courses.

How old is Aaron Rasmussen? – Age

He was born on 7th of November 1983 in the United States of America. He is 39 years as of 2022.

Where did Aaron Rasmussen go to school? – Education

Dr. Fine received both his doctoral and bachelor’s degrees from the California Institute of Technology. In addition to publishing numerous publications in technical and trade journals, he holds nine US patents.

Aaron Rasmussen’s family – Wife

Aaron has kept his marital status a secret. Whether he is wed, dating, or single is unknown.

Aaron Rasmussen's photo
Aaron Rasmussen’s photo

Aaron Rasmussen Blindness

During a high school chemistry lesson, Rasmussen was involved in a chemical explosion that was brought on by the reaction of red phosphorus and potassium chlorate; this temporary blindness served as the inspiration for the development of BlindSide.

Aaron Rasmussen MasterClass

Rasmussen co-founded MasterClass, where he worked as CTO and Creative Director, managing the business’s technology, production methods, and look.

More than 85 online courses have been developed by the company, which has generated more than $230 million in funding and is taught by well-known figures like Serena Williams, Malcolm Gladwell, Gordon Ramsay, and Natalie Portman.

BlindSide by Aaron Rasmussen

His brief blindness as a result of an explosion in high school chemistry served as the inspiration for BlindSide, a horrifying audio-only adventure game set in a completely immersive 3D world you’ll never see. At the 10th Annual Games for Change Festival in 2013, BlindSide won the Most Innovative Award. It is currently under development. At the 10th Annual Games for Change Festival in 2013, BlindSide won the Most Innovative Award, and Radar Pictures is currently turning it into a feature film.

Aaron Rasmussen Sentry Gun

Aaron developed a sentry gun, a piece of equipment that uses sensors to autonomously aim and shoot at predetermined targets. Close-in weapon systems point-defense weapons like the Phalanx CIWS, which were primarily deployed on naval assets but are now being used as land-based defenses, were the first operational military sentry guns. They were used for detecting and eliminating incoming missiles and enemy aircraft.

Aaron Rasmussen’s Twitter and Instagram accounts

  • His Twitter account is; Aaron I Rasmussen (@AaronIRasmussen).
  • His Instagram account is; Aaron Rasmussen (@airasmussen).

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