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Alex Wassabi Biography

Alex Burriss (Alex Wassabi) is a well-known American YouTuber Twho runs the Wassabi channel. He is also a YouTuber, vlogger, social media, and Instagram celebrity. With his former comedic partner Roi Fabito, he initially established his channel under the name Wassabi Productions. His brothers Andrew and Aaron Burriss are both well-known YouTubers.

How old is Alex Wassabi? – Age

Alex was born as Alexander Burriss on the 28th of  March 1990 in Montana, but raised in Lexington, Kentucky, the United States of America. He turned 32 years in 2022. 

Alex Wassabi Family – Siblings – Sister – Brother

He was raised in Lexington, Kentucky, but was actually born in Montana in the United States. Along with his brothers Andrew and Aaron, Alex was born as a sibling. Both brothers went on to become well-known web video stars. Mariah is the name of his other sister.

Alex Wassabi Relationship – Girlfriend – Wife

Before breaking up in September 2018, he had been dating fellow YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki for three years. He had a brief romance with CaELiKe in 2019. In 2020, he started dating singer Lexy Panterra; however, in 2021, they broke up.

Alex Wassabi's photo
Alex Wassabi’s photo

How tall is Alex Wassabi? – Height

Burriss is 5’9″ (175 cm) tall.

Alex Wassabi’s Net Worth

He is thought to be receiving a net worth $15 million.

Alex Wassabi Career

Burriss worked with his pal Roi Fabito to make humorous parodies of music videos. One of the most well-known YouTube channels, Wassabi Productions today has millions of subscribers. Burriss was the class clown who always made everyone laugh in high school. Every day, he would wait outside until the bell rang before entering the classroom to make everyone laugh.
He once acknowledged getting odd gifts from followers, including obscene ones! His brothers, Andrew and Aaron Burriss, are both well-known YouTubers.

At Durham Middle School in Durham, North Carolina, Roi Fabito and Alex Burriss first became friends. They had resided close to one another. They became close friends after their high school reunion. In 2005, Roi asked Alex whether he would be interested in making videos with his buddies. When Alex said yes, Wassabi Productions was established. Users uploaded videos to YouTube in 2006 to share with their loved ones. Not only did their family and friends enjoy watching these movies, but the wider public did as well, and they quickly became well-liked. Videos made by Burriss and his companion feature dancing, lip-syncing, and humor.
Rolanda and Richard, two new characters that first appeared in the “Call Me Maybe” spoof on 7 April 2012, were introduced by Wassabi. Alex and Roi visited Los Angeles, Florida, and other locations across the world to meet fans, perform shows, and engage in daring activities. A weekly video production schedule that would be released on Wassabi Wednesdays was also set. Beyond YouTube, Alex Burriss has increased his audience. In movies like “The Duff,” “Laid In America,” and “This Is How We Never Made Out,” he has acted. Wassabi Productions is no longer connected to Fabito. Alex is currently the only person in charge of the YouTube channel because he left to pursue personal objectives. He also shares a lot of videos that feature his girlfriend.

Alex Wassabi Movies & TV Shows

  • Group Chat (talk show) 2020
  • Light As a Feather 2018-2019
  • Middle School Moguls 2019
  • Escape the Night 2016-2019
  • Boo 2! A Madea Halloween 2017
  • Anime Crimes Division Since 2017

Alex Wassabi’s Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok accounts

  • His Instagram account is (@alexwassabi).
  • His YouTube account is Alex Wassabi.
  • His TikTok account is; Alexander Burriss (@its.alexwassabi).
  • His Twitter account is; Alex Wassabi (@AlexWassabi).

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