Bryce Maximus Biography

Bryce Maximus James (born June 14, 2007) is a basketball player from Chatsworth, California, who attends Sierra Canyon High School.
Bryce Maximus James is the son of LeBron James and Savannah James of the Los Angeles Lakers. James is 14 years old, and his older brothers, Bronny and Zhuri, are both high school basketball players.

How old is Bryce Maximus? – Age

He is 15 years as of 2022. He was born as Bryce Maximus James on the 14th of June 2007 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Where did Bryce Maximus go to school? – Education

He attends Sierra Canyon High School.

Bryce’s Parents and Siblings – Family

In Cleveland, Ohio, he was reared by both of his parents, and he had a large family. Before his father married his mother, he was living with his family in a large mansion in Miami, Florida, when he was three years old. Both of his parents were active in athletics during their high school years. Savannah competed in a variety of sports in addition to basketball.

Bronny, his older brother, and Zhuri, his younger sister, are his siblings. He plays soccer and basketball among other sports. For safety reasons, his father prohibited him from playing football. In 2019, Bryce Maximus James and his older brother Bronny were sent to a new Los Angeles school. Bryce and his brother Bronny, as well as their parents, are both basketball players, earning them the moniker “NBA family.”

Bryce Maximus photo
Bryce Maximus photo

Maximus’s Height

He stands roughly 6 feet 3 inches taller than his sibling Bronny.

What is Maximus’s Salary?

His salary is under review.

Maximus’s Net Worth

He receives a predicted net worth of $1.5 million.

Maximus Career

He is largely regarded as the best basketball player in history. He’s an important part of the 15U Strive for Greatness team. LeBron James, his father, has acknowledged that he is the family’s shooter. He is expected to move to the forward position soon. He has all of the physical characteristics of a great athlete, and his athletic ability will only become better with time. His ability to shoot from beyond the arc, a skill that is extremely crucial in the NBA, has been commended by scouts. He’s a fantastic playmaker with a maturity level way beyond his years.

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