Casey Treat Biography

Casey Treat is a senior pastor of the ‘Christian Faith Center’ in Seattle, as well as a pastor, book author, televangelist, and motivational speaker. Christian Faith Center was founded and is led by Casey and his wife Wendy Treat. He is also noted for his message to the masses, “You Can Change Through God.” We may all live a victorious and happy Christian life on this world if we choose to renew our minds to the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Pastor Casey Treat is also the President of Vision College, which he founded. Pastor Treat travels the world as a motivational speaker, speaking at conventions and other churches.

How old is Casey Treat? – Age

He was born on 11 May 1955 in Seattle, Washington, United States. He is 67  years as of 2022.

Where did Casey Treat go to school? – Education

Treat earned his bachelor’s degree in theology from Seattle Bible College. Treat has also been awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Hansei University in Seoul, South Korea (via Dr. David Yonggi Cho and Dr. Kim Sunghae Cho). Casey’s accomplishments in the ministry for nearly 30 years were honored with an honorary degree.

Casey Treat Wife – Family

Dr. Casey and his wife Wendy co-host the TV show “Your Unlimited Life.” The program is available on the internet and on a variety of Christian television networks, including Daystar TV and Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

Prior to his involvement with the Christian faith, little is known about Pastor Casey’s life. As a result, he keeps his parents’ names and whether or not he has siblings a secret. Casey was immersed in the world of drug use and its associated lifestyle as a child. Fortunately, when he was 19, the courts ordered that he be rehabilitated at a center, which he did.
He was saved and taught himself how to refresh his mind through the Word of God while he was in the rehabilitation clinic. He was rehabilitated when he left the center, and he eventually enrolled in college to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.

Wendy Peterson Treat, a fellow senior pastor at Christian Faith Center, married Pastor Casey. In 1978, the couple married, and in 1980, they created the church in which they now minister. Caleb Treat, Tasha Treat, and Micah Treat are the couple’s three grown children. They also have grandchildren. Caleb also serves as a pastor at Christian Faith Center, following in his parents’ footsteps.

Casey Treat's photo
Casey Treat’s photo

What is Treat’s Salary?

He receives an estimated salary of $158000.

Treat’s Net Worth

His net worth is predicted to be $4.5 million.

Treat Career

Casey Treat Ministries – Christian Faith Center

While still attending Seattle Bible College, he and his wife founded the ‘Christian Faith Center’ ministry. Christian Faith Center is a multi-campus, multi-cultural church in Seattle that serves thousands of people every week. The church maintains three campuses in Seattle, Washington, from which it preaches the gospel.

Casey Treat Books

  • Daily steps to renewal (Renewing the mind library)
  • How to Be Your Best When You Feel Your Worst
  • Healing the Orphaned Heart: Renewal for the Misunderstood, the Abused, and Abandoned
  • Fulfilling God’s plan for your life (Renewing the mind library)
  • Renewing the Mind: The Key to Transformation
  • You Can Pull Down Strongholds And Break Old Habits (Renewing the Mind Library)
  • The 3 Essentials: All You Need for Success in Life
  • Reaching Your Summit: Some Things You Can Only See from the Top
  • Fulfilling Your God-Given Destiny: Your road map for finding, following, and finishing your course
  • Renewing the Mind: The Foundation of Your Success
  • Blueprint for Life Dare to Turn God’s Dreams for You into Reality

Casey Treat Orphan’s Heart

Orphan’s Heart is a book by Pastor Casey in which he shares that the heart is the center of control of all success in the life of an individual. “When you allow your heart to be healed and made whole by Jesus Christ, all the negative things of your life will be destroyed.”

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