Cecilia Vega Biography

Cecilia Vega is an American journalist who has won an Emmy award for her work and currently works as a Senior White House Correspondent for ABC News. She can be seen reporting for programs like “Nightline,” “Good Morning America,” “World News with David Muir,” and “20/20” on the network. Vega is also an ABC News anchor, frequently rotating with Tom Llamas on the weekend episodes of “ABC World News Tonight.” Vega started her career as a print reporter and writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.

How old is Cecilia Vega? – Age

She was born on the 7th of January 1977 in San Francisco, California, the U.S. in 1977. She is 45 years as of 2022.

Where did Cecilia Vega go to school? – Education

Vega attended Salesian High School in Richmond, California, and American University School of Communication, where she graduated in 1999.

Cecilia Vega – Family

Her dad was a heroin addict, and the identity of her mother is unclear.

Is Cecilia Vega Married? – Cecilia Vega’s Husband

Ricardo Jiménez, a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer, is Vega’s husband.
In 2014, Jimenez received the Meritorious Achievement Award for his brave effort of saving an inebriated and dejected man from the brink of the Bay Bridge to safety. The pair currently resides in Washington.


Cecilia Vega the journalist
Cecilia Vega the journalist

What is Cecilia Vega’s Salary?

Her salary is annually estimated to be 360,000 a year.

Cecilia Vega’s Net Worth

Her net worth is predicted to be $2 million.

Cecilia Vega Career

Vega began her career as a reporter and writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, her hometown newspaper. She later went on to work for KGO-TV in San Francisco, an ABC network affiliate station. She worked with the station for three years, and her responsibilities included reporting regional stories. She and her colleagues were honored with an Emmy for their work in 2010.

ABC Reporter and White House correspondent Cecilia Vega

Ms. Vega joined ABC News as a journalist in Los Angeles in 2011, after leaving KGO. She reported on the toxic Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, the Olympics in London, and the election of a new Pope in Rome. She’s also interviewed celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and Enrique Pea Nieto, the former president of Mexico (EPN).

Vega was named the new anchor of “World News Tonight Saturday” by ABC News on 2 March 2015. She stayed on the show as an anchor until January 2017, when she was promoted to senior White House correspondent.
Vega has had multiple conversations with President Obama as a White House journalist. Her interaction with him, which drew widespread media attention, occurred on 1 October 2018, when US President Donald Trump invited her to ask him questions at a news conference. He, on the other hand, insulted her because he didn’t like her inquiries.

Cecilia Vega 2016 Presidential Campaigns coverage

Vega was one of the journalists covering various presidential contenders’ journeys throughout the United States in 2016, during their presidential campaigns. She spent 500 days in the field and oversaw ABC’s coverage of Hilary Clinton’s and Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaigns. She also hosted the Saturday version of “World News Tonight” at the same time.

Cecilia Vega and Donald Trump

Vega has continued her work since the 2016 presidential election, now focusing on President Donald J. Trump’s news. She is frequently seen interrogating the president on matters like as immigration, Russia, and the designation of the Covid-19 virus as a “China Virus” by his administration. She isn’t afraid to engage in conversation with the president or his press secretaries.

Vega addressed Trump over his usage of the term “China virus” during a news conference to update the status of Covid-19, calling it “racist” and citing “dozens of incidences of hostility towards Chinese Americans” that might be fueled by the term’s use. “Because it came from China,” Trump said.
He continued his defense by stating that “It’s not at all racist. No way, no how. That is why it is from China. It originates in China. I want to be precise.”

Cecilia Vega’s Instagram and Twitter accounts

Cecilia Vega’s Instagram account; (@ceciliavegaabc) has over 75,600 followers.

Cecilia Vega’s Twitter account; (@CeciliaVega) has over 92,100 followers.

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