Daniel Coronell Biography

Daniel Coronell is a Colombian journalist and columnist. He was the president of Univision News, the news section of Univision, and the news director for RCN, Noticias Uno, until 1 August 2021. He was named president of the weekly news magazine Cambio in September 2021. Coronell began working at W Radio Colombia in October 2021.

How old is Daniel Coronell? – Age

He was born as Daniel Alfonso Coronell Castañeda on the 25 of October 1964 in Bogotá, Colombia. He is 58 years as of 2022.

Where did go to school? – Education

Coronell graduated from the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Seora del Rosario in Bogotá with a journalism degree from the Universidad Externado de Colombia. In Switzerland and Spain, he received his master’s degree.

Daniel Coronell Wife

Mara Cristina Uribe, a Colombian journalist and news presenter, is his wife. Raquel Coronell Uribe and Rafael Coronell are the couple’s two children.

Daniel Coronell's photo
Daniel Coronell’s photo

Daniel Coronell Exile

Coronell’s investigations and comments are well-known in Colombian and international news. In his works, he has criticized former President lvaro Uribe Vélez’s administration as well as paramilitary leaders. In August 2005, he was forced to depart with his wife, Mara Cristina Uribe, a journalist and anchorwoman, and their baby. His loved ones had been constantly threatened via phone calls, funeral wreaths, and anonymous e-mails. According to Coronell’s own analysis, which was validated by authorities, former congressman Carlos Náder Simmonds, who now resides in Spain and is quoted by Fernando Garavito.

In July 2007, Coronell and his family went to Colombia, where he had an unplanned radio debate with President Uribe on La FM, a national radio network, following his scathing op-eds and news coverage of his government.

What is Coronell Salary?

His salary is predicted to be $14.2 thousand per year.

Coronell Net Worth

His net worth ranges from $1 million – $5 million.

Daniel Coronell Career

He has served as a member of the teaching staff at Colombia’s Javeriana and Externado de Colombia institutions, as well as the Universidad de Los Andes’ Masters Program in Journalism. He has served as a member of the teaching staff at Colombia’s Javeriana and Externado de Colombia institutions, as well as the Universidad de Los Andes’ Masters Program in Journalism. He was a Senior Research Fellow of the Knight Fellowship at Stanford University and served as a researcher and senior visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley.

He has been elected the most-read columnist in Colombia for the past twelve years, according to a poll done by the group Cifras y Conceptos in 2020.
His op-ed column, Colombia’s most widely read, used to be published in Semana, but after his departure from the weekly magazine, it was moved to Los Danieles, the online portal he co-founded with Daniel Samper Ospina, which now hosts op-eds by Antonio Caballero (until his death in 2021), Ana Bejarano, and Daniel Samper Pizano. Coronell has been at the center of several of the most high-profile controversies in recent history. The Yair Klein case, which exposed the Colombian government’s failure to protect Pablo Escobar while he was imprisoned, revealed calls linking Ernesto Samper to Elizabeth Montoya of Sarria, as well as numerous complaints about the former president, including the illegal purchase of parliamentary votes that allowed him to re-elect, dubbed “yidispolitica.” Lvaro Uribe is a Colombian politician.

Daniel Coronell Twitter

His Twitter account (@DCoronell) has more than 1.6 million followers.

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