Drew Pritchard Biography

Drew Pritchard is a salvage hunter and antique restorer from the United Kingdom who specializes in architectural antiquities. He is the host of the Quest TV show Salvage Hunters, which is shown in 32 countries across the world. Before becoming an independent antique dealer in 1993, Mr. Pritchard was a qualified stained glass restorer and designer, a passion and vocation he had been pursuing. He has continued to collect antiques that he like since then, focusing on good design, originality, and undamaged artifacts whenever possible.

How old is Drew Pritchard? – Age

He was born in June 1970 in Conwy, Wales. He is 52 years as of 2022.

Where did Drew Pritchard go to school? – Education

He acquired his education from the local schools in Conwy.

Drew Pritchard – Family

He has kept his parents’ and siblings’ information private.

Who is Pritchard’s Wife? – Are Drew and Rebecca Pritchard still married?

Mr. Pritchard is single.
He was married to Rebecca Pritchard, his co-star on Salvage Hunters, until their divorce in 2017. They are still friendly with one another and continue to collaborate. Her job is to research the history and provenance of antiques in order to determine the restoration work that has to be done, as well as the costs and revenues.

Drew Pritchard's photo
Drew Pritchard’s photo

What is Pritchard’s Salary?

He earns an estimated salary that ranges between $40,000 and $110,500.

Pritchard’s Net Worth

His net worth is predicted to be $9 million.

Pritchard Career

Drew Pritchard Salvage Hunters TV Show | DP Classics | Antiques Shop

Drew began collecting antiques professionally in 1993.
As a result, he developed a passion for stained glass restoration and became a conservator and designer. Drew enjoys both driving and rebuilding bikes and cars, which he inherited through his father’s passion and career. As a result, he obtained an international race license, stating that if he weren’t into antiques, he might see himself as a race driver.

In 1987, he founded DP Classics, which he co-owns with Clive Holland. Drew is able to spot fantastic motorcycles and/or vehicles through DP Classics, which he then restores and sells. Drew’s 1958 automobile was highlighted in the magazine Octane as an example of his thriving business.

Drew’s most well-known works include the repair of some William Morris stained glass windows, which he bought, worked on, and then sold for £108,000 profit. He was able to start his firm because of this money.

With his show “Salvage Hunters,” which premiered in 2011, Drew sought to take his profession to the next level.
Drew is followed throughout the show as he goes to various manors, fairs, shops, and other locations to buy antiques, as he bargains with the vendors, as he returns to Conwy with the antiques and exhibits them to his team members, and as he repairs the antiques. The show also includes the steps of photographing the findings, assessing the deal, and calculating the profit gained after-sales.
Drew thinks that in order to succeed in his line of work, one must be willing to read, visit museums, fairs, and auctions, and be able to communicate with individuals who deal in antiques.

They should also remember that just because something is unsightly or breaking apart does not mean it is worthless. He also feels that saving money, no matter how small, during commercial transactions is beneficial to the company. He makes it a point not to form sentimental attachments to the objects he deals with since he knows he’ll have to sell them when the proper price comes knocking.

Drew, his traveling companion and boyhood friend Tee, and his team, which includes a French polisher, an electrician, and a couple of office and shop employees, including Drew’s ex-wife Rebecca, make up the Salvage Hunters show.

As of 2022, audiences in the United Kingdom and worldwide can watch the show for a total of 14 seasons.

Pritchard has traveled to countries such as the Netherlands, Italy, France, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Spain, Hungary,, and the Republic of Ireland, to purchase foreign antiques.

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