Ellina Abovian Biography

Ellina Abovian is a general assignment reporter for KTLA 5 News in Los Angeles, California. Ellina previously worked for KTLA’s sister station, KSWB Fox 5 News, in San Diego. She also worked for CBS Television and LA2DAY.com in production, marketing, and online publishing.

How old is Ellina Abovian? – Age

Abovian was born in Yerevan, Armenia, on February 24, and reared in the United States.

Where did Ellina Abovian go to school? – Education

Ellina graduated from California State University, Los Angeles, with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. She worked in production, marketing, and online publishing for CBS Television and LA2DAY.com after college.

Ellina Abovian – Family

Abovian was reared in the United States after being born in the Armenian city of Yerevan. Her father is a Russian immigrant, while her mother is an Armenian immigrant. She grew up with an elder brother with whom she spent much of her time.

Ellina Abovian Husband and children – Married – Wedding

According to her Instagram post, the attractive news presenter is happily married and is celebrating her 11th anniversary with her husband.
The couple has three children, including a son named Christopher.

Ellina Abovian's photo
Ellina Abovian’s photo

Ellina Abovian’s Height

She is 5 ft 6 inches/1.67 meters tall.

What is Abovian Salary?

Her salary is annually estimated to range from $85,000-$95,000.

Abovian Net Worth

She earns a predicted net worth that ranges from $1 million – $5 million.

Ellina Abovian Career

Abovian works for KTLA 5 News as a general assignment reporter. Ellina started her writing career at the age of nine, when she launched the “Windsor Chronicle,” a newspaper that covered the daily events in her apartment complex.
She kept her pen and paper for four issues before switching to a Nintendo 64. During her early years as a journalist, Ellina felt compelled to relay people’s stories.

She worked in production, marketing, and online publishing at CBS Television and LA2DAY.com after college. Ellina moved to San Luis Obispo from Los Angeles to work as a “one-woman-band” journalist, writing,  shooting, and editing her own stories while also appearing on camera. Ellina was a reporter for KSWB Fox 5 News in San Diego, which is a sister station to KTLA. She used to look forward to seeing where her next story in America’s Finest City would lead her every day. She relishes the opportunity to travel whenever she can. In her spare time, Ellina likes to cook, eat out, go hiking, paint, watch movies, and spend time with her family.

Ellina Abovian Instagram and Twitter accounts

  • Her Instagram account is (@ellina_abovian).
  • Her Twitter account is (@EllinaKTLA).

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