Emily Buchanan Biography

Emily Margesson Buchanan is a prominent British journalist who has worked for the BBC on both radio and television. She is well-known as a foreign affairs reporter and journalist. She rose to popularity as the director of the short animated adventure film Runaway.

How old is Emily Buchanan? – Age

Buchanan was born in Hammersmith, West London, on October 7, 1958. She is 63 years old.

Where did Emily Buchanan go to school? – Education

She went to St. Paul’s Girls’ Institution in Hammersmith, an independent school. He studied history, French, and Spanish at the University of Sussex. Buchanan went on to get an MA in Radio Journalism from City University London after graduating in 1982.

Emily Buchanan – Family

Buchanan was the son of author and poet George Buchanan (1904–1989) and the Hon. Janet Margesson, whose father was Conservative cabinet member David Margesson, 1st Viscount Margesson in the 1930s. When Buchanan was nine years old, her mother, a manic depressive, committed herself.

Emily Buchanan husband

After three miscarriages, Buchanan and her husband, Gerald Slocock, considered adopting children as their sole option for starting a family. Because the couple intended to adopt children from other areas of the globe, abandoned children from other parts of the world were essentially their only choice. In her book From China with Love: A Long Road to Motherhood (2005), she describes the challenges of the adoption process and explores the concerns associated with adopting children from a foreign culture. She addresses what she regards as “fallacies” associated with the topic. The couple now has two Chinese-born children, the first of whom was adopted around the turn of the century and the second three years later. Her book also discusses the strong prejudice against newborn girls, which is mostly a result of China’s One-Child Policy.

What is Buchanan’s Salary?

She most likely makes $71,077 per year, which is equivalent to the salary of a well-known journalist on the BBC News network.

Buchanan Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is $8 million.

Emily Buchanan Career

Buchanan began her career at the BBC in Bush House, then the BBC World Service’s headquarters, when she conducted her first interview with Desmond Tutu, and a few years later, she joined BBC Radio 4 to broadcast Stop Press, “a show that delved behind the scenes of the journalistic trade.” She joined BBC Television and worked for BBC 2’s Assignment show after creating The Week in Westminster. Buchanan escaped an aircraft crash-landing disaster in 1992 while working in Zimbabwe. Her Assignment programs have received recognition. One World Media nominated a documentary about the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, which mostly lends to women. “The Baby Trade,” also for Assignment, was about unethical international adoption procedures in Paraguay.

Buchanan interviewed several of the Muslim women who were raped during the Bosnian War for Radio 4’s “Seeds of Hate” program in November 2000. She was hired as the BBC’s Developing World Correspondent at the end of 1994. She later became the BBC’s Religious Affairs Correspondent for three years, from 1998 to 2001, and is presently the BBC’s World Affairs Correspondent. She has hosted the BBC Radio 4 show Sunday.

From China With Love: A Long Road to Motherhood, Buchanan’s best-selling novel, is available in paperback for $5.65. The storyline traces the journey of two Chinese foster children in their search for a loving family.

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