Floyd Mayweather Biography

Floyd Mayweather is an actor, promoter and former professional boxer in the United States. Between 1996 and 2015, he was a professional boxer, then in 2017, he returned for a one-fight comeback.

Mayweather has battled a variety of conflicts outside of the ring. After admitting guilt to a sexual assault charge and no objection to two harassment claims in late December 2011, a Las Vegas court sentenced him to 90 days in prison. Since 2002, Mayweather has been detained many times in Las Vegas and his homeland of Grand Rapids for battery and violence.

How old is Floyd Mayweather? – Age

American boxer Floyd Mayweather was born on February 24, 1977, in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Where did Floyd Mayweather go to school? – Education

Mayweather went at Ottawa Hills High School in Ottawa, Ontario. He dropped out of high school, according to accounts. Mayweather spent much of his life training to be a boxer after growing up in a family of boxers.

Floyd Mayweather – Family

He was born to Floyd Joy Sinclair who is widely regarded as the greatest boxer of his era. Floyd Sr. was a welterweight contender, whereas Jeff Mayweather , his uncle is a former IBO fantastic featherweight champion. Roger Mayweather, his other uncle, is a former WBA and WBC super lightweight champion. The sometimes-overbearing familial dynamics of Mayweather have sometimes intruded into his professional life. Mayweather sacked his dad as his manager in 2000. Their feud grew even more vehement, and Mayweather sacked his dad as trainer as well, replacing him with his uncle, Roger Mayweather.

Mayweather’s wife

Anna Monroe, an English Instagram influencer, is his current girlfriend. Floyd and the Brit are rumored to be engaged to be married. On New Year’s Day, the couple revealed their romance. Floyd’s longest relationship was with Shantel Jackson.
In addition to his adoptive son Devion Cromwell, he has four children: Koraun, 20-year-old Iyanna, 19-year-old Zion, and 17-year-old Jirah.

Mayweather’s biological daughter Iyanna is the only one of his four children with a different mom than the other three. While Koraun, Zion, and Jirah are the result of Mayweather’s romance with Josie Harris, Iyanna is the result of ‘Money’s second connection with Melissa Brim, a television celebrity.


Floyd Mayweather The American Boxer
Floyd Mayweather The American Boxer

What is Mayweather Salary?

He receives an estimated salary of $300 million per fight.

Mayweather Net Worth

His net worth is predicted to be $450 million.

Floyd Mayweather Career

Before turning professional in the year 1996, Mayweather won three Golden Gloves at home and an Olympic bronze medal. He was given his first title as a super featherweight in 1988, and he went on to win belts in four different weight classes while remaining undefeated.

His dad Floyd Sr. introduced him to the gym not long after he began walking, holding his small son in front of the speed bags whenever they went. Mayweather was soon punching anyone who came into his line of vision. He was seven years old when he got his first pair of boxing gloves.

Little Floyd, as he was nicknamed, quickly established himself as a regular at his local gym, which was conveniently located just five doors down from his family’s home. He promptly adopted his father’s surname, signaling a desire to follow in his footsteps to boxing glory.

His family life was tumultuous. The elder Mayweather had a strong temper and was a narcotics dealer who dipped in and out of danger. In 1978, he was shot in the leg while holding his young son, and he was sentenced to prison for cocaine trafficking in 1993. Deborah Mayweather, Mayweather’s mother, also struggled with addiction.

Achieving Amateur Success

Mayweather found tranquility and control in the ring, away from the circus of his family. Mayweather, who was nicknamed “Pretty Boy” early in his career due to his unblemished face, won the national Golden Gloves in 1993, 1994, and 1996 with his fast, accurate style.
Mayweather’s amateur career was cut short on a sour note, despite his 84-6 amateur record. He was made to settle for just a bronze medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta after losing a disputed decision to Bulgaria’s Serafim Todorov.


On 11th October 11 1996, Mayweather made his professional debut. Mayweather continued to win at an incredible rate as a pro. Following his release from prison, the skilled boxer won several easy fights with his father acting as both manager and trainer. He won his first world title, the WBC super featherweight belt, in 1998 after defeating Genaro Hernandez.

Beginning in 2000, Mayweather’s career surged even faster, as he began on a seven-year run that had many fight fans hailing him as one of the sport’s all-time greats.

He amazed the boxing world by accepting to fight eight-division champion Manny Pacquiao on May 2, 2015, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mayweather won a unanimous decision and kept his perfect record in the “Fight of the Century,” displaying his typical stout defense.

Mayweather agreed to fight Conor McGregor, a boisterous UFC champion who had boxed as an amateur before switching to mixed martial arts, in 2017. Mayweather agreed to compete with 8 ounce gloves as part of the deal, a compromise between the regular junior middleweight gloves of 10 ounces and the UFC’s 4 ounce mitts.

On August 26, 2017, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the fight finally took place after months of anticipation.

Mayweather, who is 40 years old and past his athletic heyday, overpowered his younger, stronger, and less experienced opponent, pummeling McGregor with a barrage of blows in the tenth round before being proclaimed the winner by TKO. With a 50-0 record, Mayweather declared his retirement for the second time. Mayweather battled Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition fight at the end of 2018 to keep his competitive impulses flowing. He announced on Instagram in November 2019 that he will be “coming out of retirement in 2020.”

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