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Fumio Kishida Biography

Fumio Kishida is a politician from Japan who has been the country’s Prime Minister since 4 October 2021. Since 29 September 2021, he has served as the president of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). He was a member of the House of Representatives as Minister of Foreign Affairs from the year 2012 to 2017 and as interim Minister of Defense in 2017. He also served as the chair of the LDP Policy Research Council from 2017 to 2020.

How old is Fumio Kishida? – Age

Fumio Kishida was born on 29 July 1957 in Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan.

Where did Fumio Kishida go to school? – Education

Because his father was stationed in the United States at the time, he attended P.S. 013 Clement C. Moore elementary school in the Elmhurst section of Queens. Kjimachi Elementary School and Kjimachi Junior High School were also places where he went. Kishida is a baseball player who graduated from Kaisei Academy.

Kishida studied law at Waseda University and graduated in 1982 after being rejected by the University of Tokyo on many occasions.

Fumio Kishida – Family

Kishida was born into a political family in Shibuya, Tokyo. Fumitake Kishida, his dad, was a government official in the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and the director of The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency. The Kishida family was originally from Hiroshima, therefore they spent every summer there. Many members of the Kishida family perished in the atomic attack, and Fumio grew up hearing atomic bomb survivors’ stories. His dad, Fumitake Kishida, and grandfather, Masaki Kishida, were also previous members of the House of Representatives. Yoichi Miyazawa, a former Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry, is his cousin, and Kiichi Miyazawa, the previous Prime Minister of Japan, is a distant descendant of his.

He was friends with Takeshi Iwaya, who would later become a politician, at Waseda.

Kishida’s wife and children

Kishida enjoys Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, which his wife Yuko Kishida, a real estate businesswoman’s daughter, prepares. In 1988, they married in an arranged marriage and have three sons together. Immediately after becoming the de facto PM-designate, Yuko was included in LDP messaging in one presentation. He enjoys both anime and manga and is a drinker. He’s a big fan of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and his favorite character is Akaza. During his term as president, he has promised to financially support Japan’s animation sector. He is also a baseball aficionado, supporting the Hiroshima Toyo Carp.

Fumio Kishida The Japanese Prime Minister
Fumio Kishida The Japanese Prime Minister

What is Kishida’s Salary?

His earnings are under review.

Kishida Net Worth

His net worth is unknown.

Fumio Kishida Career

Kishida first was elected in July 1993, after serving at the now-defunct Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan and later as a secretary to a member of the House of Representatives. He represented Hiroshima No: 1 and Cabinet Junichiro Koizumi in the lower house seven times. Until September 2012, he was chairman of the LDP’s Diet Affairs Committee. He is a personal friend of retired veteran LDP politician Makoto Koga. In October 2012, Kishida took command of Koga’s faction. In the LDP, his most recent position was as chairman of the headquarters for Japan’s economic revival. Kishida, like Shinz Abe and the majority of his Cabinet, is a member of Nippon Kaigi, a revisionist organization.

From 2007 to 2008, Kishida served as Minister of Okinawa Affairs in the Abe and Fukuda Cabinets. In 2008, he was named to Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda’s cabinet as state minister in charge of consumer affairs and food safety. In the Fukuda ministry, Kishida was also the state minister responsible for research and technology. On 26 December 2012, Prime Minister Shinz Abe appointed Kishida to his Cabinet as Foreign Minister.

He launched his campaign for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s position in the Liberal Democratic Party leadership election in August 2020. On 14 September he came in second place in the election to Yoshihide Suga. He launched his candidacy for the Liberal Democratic Party’s leadership in the 2021 election in August 2021.

Fumio Kishida Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts

  • His Facebook account is Fumio Kishida.
  • His Twitter account is; PM’s Office of Japan (@JPN_PMO).
  • His Instagram account is; 岸田文雄 (@fumio_kishida).

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