George Kordahi Biography

George Kordahi is a Lebanese television host and former host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in the Arabic version.

How old is George Kordahi? – Age

He was born as George Gabriel Al Kordahi on1 May 1950 in Faitroun, Lebanon. He turned 71 years in 2021.

Where did George Kordahi go to school? – Education

Kordahi received his education at Notre Dame de Louayzeh College (Keserwan). In Lebanon, he studied Political Science and Law.

Kordahi Wife – Family

Kurdahi is married to Ida Kassar and has three children with her. He now lives in Feitroun, his hometown, after spending many years in Europe and other Arab countries.

He can communicate in Arabic, French, English, and Italian.

George Kordahi The Former Lebanese Minister and a journalist
George Kordahi The Former Lebanese Minister and a journalist

What is Kordahi Salary?

His salary is not clearly stated.

Kordahi Net Worth

His net worth is predicted to be $20 million as of 2021.

George Kordahi Career

In 1970, Kordahi began his career as a reporter for the Lisan al Hal newspaper. He began working for Télé Liban in 1973 and remained there until the commencement of the Lebanese Civil War, when he moved to France. He became the editor-in-chief of Radio Monte Carlo in Paris in 1979. Kordahi arrived to Paris in 1992 to operate Sharq Radio Station, where he stayed for around two years.

He was hired as the head of MBC FM in London in 1994. Kordahi worked at the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation for a year in 2004, before being asked back by MBC to host his previous show as well as a few others. Kurdahi became one of the most well-known TV broadcasters in the Arab world after joining LBC to host Iftah Albak. Advertisement spots on his shows set ratings and popularity records.

Kordahi has utilized his celebrity to aid charities in their endeavors to improve the public good throughout his career. He collaborated with “Tamkeen,” a Dubai-based organization that operates under the Knowledge and Human Development Authority. He gave fresh instructional materials to Tamkeen’s visually handicapped students. Kurdahi was named a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations.

He left MBC in 2011 after making a speech in which he declared that “there was a plot against the Syrian government from Arab TV stations” during the Syrian civil war, and that he supported the Syrian government. His MBC programmes were subsequently discontinued, and he went on to work for Al Mayadeen TV.

Kurdahi joined Al Hayat TV in 2012 to host the television shows Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Al-Mosameh Karim, and Hafez wala Fahem. G.K., Kurdahi’s own perfume line, has also been introduced. The Marada Movement chose him to be Lebanon’s Minister of Information on September 10, 2021.

Following a diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, Kordahi informed local TV stations on December 2, 2021 that he intended to resign as Information Minister.
Kordahi’s statements about the Yemeni war in a TV appearance with Al Jazeera Online sparked the crisis.

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