Hui Ka Yan Biography

Hui Ka Yan is a Chinese real estate developer and billionaire who serves as chairman of the Evergrande Group. By controlling roughly 60% of China Evergrande Group’s stock as of December 2021, Hui is the company’s largest stakeholder.

How old is Hui Ka Yan? – Age

He was born on the 9th of October 1958 in Taikang County, Zhoukou, China. He turned 64 years in 2022.

Hui’s Education – Family

Henan’s Taikang County, in the village of Jutaigang, Gaoxian Township, is where he was born into a rural family. In the 1930s and 1940s, his father participated in the Second Sino-Japanese War; he is now retired. After the communist state was created, he started working as a warehouseman in his hometown. Mother of eight-month-old Xu passed away from sepsis. Grandma on his father’s side raised him. Following high school, he spent a few days working in a cement industry before going home and working for two years.
He oversaw the group that produced. In 1978, Xu retook the college entrance test and was eventually accepted to the Wuhan Institute of Iron and Steel (now Wuhan University of Science and Technology). He was the commissary for hygiene in his class.

Hui’s Wife and Children

He met Ding Yumei (Chinese) in the Wuyang Iron and Steel Company, and they are married (Chinese: ). Along with their two kids, the couple resides in Guangzhou.

Hui Ka Yan's photo
Hui Ka Yan’s photo

Hui Ka Yan Career

Xu joined Wuyang Iron and Steel Company (Chinese:) in 1982 after receiving his degree from university, and throughout the course of his career there, he worked his way up to associate director in 1983 and director in 1985. For seven years, Xu oversaw operations there. He relocated to Shenzhen in 1992 after resigning, which was then a newly created special economic zone in Guangdong province, southeast China. He was accepted by the trade firm “Zhongda” (Chinese). He was named president of the business’s “Quanda” (Chinese:) branch office a year later. In order to launch the Guangzhou Pengda Industrial Co., Ltd., Xu relocated to Guangzhou, the provincial capital of Guangdong, on October 1, 1994. (Chinese: ).
Xu Jiayin quit Zhongda Group in May 1996 with a monthly salary of 2000 yuan after an unsuccessful agreement with the society’s boss. In addition to being the chairman of the board, he formed the Evergrande Group in March 1997. One of the most prosperous football teams in China as of 2016 is Guangzhou Evergrande, whose owner is Xu. 2019 saw the announcement from Xu of a $6.4 billion investment over three years in electric vehicles.

In 2020, Forbes rated Xu third among the wealthiest Chinese billionaires, with his estimated net worth pegged at $45.3 billion at its peak in 2017. His wealth was predicted to have decreased from 2017 to 2020 by over $20 billion to $21.8 billion, however, as a result of growing debts that were made worse by the coronavirus outbreak.
His personal wealth was pegged at over $11.3 billion on the Hurun China Rich List in the fall of 2021. But according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, by December 13th, 2021, his net worth had fallen to $6.2 billion after losing $17.2 billion over the course of the year, in part because of the sale of personal assets during the Evergrande liquidity crisis.

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