Jenny Boyd (Actress) Biography

Jenny Boyd is a British-American actress and model. She became well-known after landing the role of Lizzie Saltzman in Legacies, a fantasy-horror series on The CW. The program is a spinoff of the wildly acclaimed series The Originals. She was employed by Elite Model Management in New York before to becoming well-known.

How old is Jenny Boyd (Actress)? – Age

She was born on February 27, 1991 in Sion, Switzerland and holds a dual English and U.S. citizenship. She turned 31 years in 2022.

Where did Jenny Boyd (Actress) go to school? – Education

With a Bachelor of Arts in Acting, Jenny earned her degree from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2015.

Jenny Boyd (Actress) – Family

She grew up there with her sister Alexandra Boyd after her family relocated there. California’s Los Angeles is where Jenny currently resides.

Jenny Boyd (Actress) Husband

The actress is not yet married. Even yet, she maintains her private affairs secret, with little of it appearing in the media.

Jenny Boyd's photo
Jenny Boyd’s photo

Jenny Boyd (Actress) Height

What height is Jenny Boyd? The actress is 131 pounds and stands at a height of 5 feet, 9 inches (175 centimeters) (59 kilograms).

Jenny Boyd (Actress) Net Worth

She receives a predicted net worth of $350,000.

Jenny Boyd (Actress) Movies and TV Shows – Career

The television movie Viking Quest from 2015 featured Jenny in her first acting role as Tasya. A small boy who is abducted from his house by Vikings is the subject of the movie. Later, he discovers that the Vikings’ dragon attack is being stopped by no one but him. Then came appearances in a number of other movies and TV shows.

Legacies (2018 – 2022)

A sequel to The Originals is the television program The Legacies. Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of a werewolf and a vampire, is followed as she enters the Salvatore School for the Young and makes an effort to use and control her supernatural abilities. One of the twin children of Josette Laughlin and Alaric Saltzman, Lizzie Saltzman plays Jenny Boyd in Legacies.

Sunday Tide (2018)

Sunday Tide’s Christabel is portrayed by Jenny. Six sisters are shown in the short film as they struggle to deal with the loss of their mother. As the sisters withdraw within themselves and make a promise to be quiet, someone enters their lives and completely transforms them.

Hex (2018)

Adapted from a script by Christian Piers Betley, Hex is a supernatural horror film set in America and Canada that was directed by Rudolf Buitendach. As Amber (Jenny) and Ben meet and fall in love in Cambodia, the movie tracks their relationship. Despite the two’s incredible physical compatibility, when a hostile force hits them, the result is rapid and unimaginable mayhem.

Clean Sheets (2016)

In this movie, which is about a young immigrant who works as a cleaner in the affluent suburbs of London, Jenny plays Sonia. As soon as she realizes that her vision of a nation full of chances is untrue, the girl becomes frustrated. She then makes the decision to act on her own initiative and live her goal, even for a short time.

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