Joe Francis Biography

Joe Francis is a businessman and film producer from the United States who rose to prominence after forming and launching the Girls Gone Wild entertainment company.

Prior to releasing the film ‘Banned from TV’ in 1998, he worked as a production assistant on the show ‘Real TV.’ Francis has been sentenced to dissuading a witness, bribery, assault causing grave bodily injury, tax evasion, false imprisonment, and record-keeping offenses, and has pled no contest to pornography and child abuse at various times. He has been living in exile in Mexico since 2015, following many years of financial and legal ups and downs. He is said to have fled the country to evade the consequences of multiple lawsuits and judgments. He is said to be living in Mexico with his girlfriend and children, and he could stay there for a long time due to the lack of an extradition agreement between Mexico and the United States for civil contempt warrants.

How old is Joe Francis? – Age

He was born as Joseph R. Francis on 1 April 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He turned 48 years in 2021.

Where did Joe Francis go to school? – Education

Francis enrolled at the University of Southern California’s Business Administration degree. He also pursued cinema and television classes at the University of Southern California Entrepreneurial Program, where he received his bachelor’s degree in 1995.

Joe Francis – Family

Raymond and Maria Francis had a son named Joe Francis. His mother was an Austrian immigrant. He moved to Newport Beach, California, with his family when he was seven years old. He attended Newport Beach’s Our Lady Queen of Angels Elementary School and subsequently a number of residential schools. After that, he moved to Laguna Beach and went to Laguna Beach High School.

Francis’ Wife and children

According to intelligence on the ground, Joe is not yet married. He has two daughters with his partner Abbey Wilson. In recent years, his career has been marred by controversy, and he has been charged with bribery, assaults, prostitution, and child abuse, among other offenses.

Joe Francis
Joe Francis

What is Francis Salary?

His earnings are under review.

Francis Net Worth

His net worth is predicted to be $60 million as of 2021.

Joe Francis Career

Francis began his career at a video and computer store. After graduating from university, he changed careers and began working as a production assistant on the reality television show ‘Real TV.’ He began filming footage of vehicle accidents, attacks, and other such situations while working on this program. Francis had an idea for his film ‘Banned from Television’ based on the video he had shot. While working with Banned, he came up with the concept for a new company called ‘Girls Gone Wild.’

He showed recordings of girls flaunting their bodies at parties in his newly developed sector of entertainment. His company quickly became well-known and had tremendous growth. Joe Francis was accused of assaulting the girls who worked for his company as a result of the company’s fame.

Joe vanished from the country in 2015, presumably living in Mexico with his family after his Girl Gone Wild Company filed for bankruptcy in the United States District Court.

Achievements and Awards

Joe Francis is best known for his out-of-the-box entertainment company, Girl Gone Wild, which soared to fame during its heyday. His contribution to the business is unrivaled. He has been praised the most for his efforts in the company, despite the fact that he has not been acknowledged or awarded for any of his works or achievements thus far.


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