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John Ibrahim is a former proprietor of a Kings Cross nightclub, who was referred to as the “lifeblood of the Kings Cross narcotics industry” and accused of being a “major organized-crime actor” at the 1995 Wood royal commission. Ibrahim, however, vehemently opposes this and has never been found guilty of a crime associated with it.

How old is John Ibrahim? – Age

He was born on the 20th of June 1968 in Australia. He is 54 years as of 2022.

John Ibrahim – Family

Brahim is the second of Sally Ibrahim and her husband Ibrahim’s four sons and two girls. They are a Muslim family. The oldest son, Hassan “Sam,” was born in 1966. He was followed in birth order by John, Fadi (1974), and Michael (1979).
Ibrahim, at 16 years old, witnessed two men attacking Bill Bayeh’s brother. Ibrahim got involved and took a significant torso knife wound. Due to severe damage to his lungs, liver, and intestines, he underwent treatment at St. Vincent’s Inpatient in Sydney and was put into a coma for three weeks. He then underwent a six-month hospital recovery phase. The stabbing left a massive scar.

Ibrahim was among the earliest Lebanese-Australian men to join a criminal motorcycle gang in Australia.

His older brother Sam Ibrahim was selected to lead the Granville chapter of the Nomads Motorcycle Club in 1997. Sam Ibrahim was held in custody for four months after being charged with the kidnapping of a young boy, and he was eventually freed on bond in July 2009.
A jury found two of Ibrahim’s brothers not guilty of planning to kill John Macris. Michael Ibrahim is still in detention after being found guilty of a different manslaughter charge, while Rodney Atkinson was found guilty of having a firearm without a license. In May 2020, he was given a 30-year prison term with an 18-year non-parole period.

John Ibrahim wife

With his model girlfriend Sarah Budge, he has a son. Daniel John Taylor is the name of their son.

John Ibrahim's photo
John Ibrahim’s photo

John Ibrahim’s Height

He is 1.82 meters long.

John Ibrahim’s Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $34 Million.

John Ibrahim Business

When he was 18 years old, Ibrahim created his first nightclub in Kings Cross, purchasing a 20% stake in what was then known as Tunnel Cabaret.

In 2001, Ibrahim sold the organization, and EP1 became the new name. Police made unsuccessful attempts to shut down the location, claiming it was a part of Kings Cross’s organized narcotics trafficking. New owners renamed the Earl Place club Dragonfly in 2004, and Ibrahim is still in charge of it today; it is now called The Tunnel. At least 17 nightclubs in Sydney’s Kings Cross neighborhood are connected to Ibrahim.

Ibrahim, at 22 years old, moved out of the family home and rented a cliffside mansion in Dover Heights measuring 528 square meters (5,680 sq ft). Less than ten years later, for A$1.165 million, he purchased the property. In 2008, the mansion was valued at $3 million, however since then, significant improvements have been made. In addition, Kyle Sandilands, a radio and television personality and Ibrahim’s business partner, rents one of the two additional homes Ibrahim owns on the same street.
Ibrahim is charged with giving bank guarantees to family members and having real estate either in his own name or that of entities connected to him. In 1997, he guaranteed his sister Maha Sayour’s South Wentworthville house for A$112,000, and in 2004, he allegedly received a Merrylands property worth A$253,000 for free. Ibrahim spent A$275,000 in 2010 for a block of land for a house development in Rothbury, Hunter Valley.

John Ibrahim Media – Career

In a 2010 program airing on ABC TV, Media Watch attacked The Daily Telegraph’s obsession with Ibrahim and his family.
Since Fadi Ibrahim’s 2009 shooting, when it was uncovered that Ibrahim had provided the newspaper with pictures and articles about himself while claiming to “detest attention” and whining about the media attention he is receiving, The Daily Telegraph has often highlighted the Ibrahim family.

Ibrahim is a fictitious, dramatic portrayal of Kings Cross organized crime in the 2010 television miniseries Underbelly: The Golden Mile, which Firass Dirani plays. In 2014, the Australian Financial Review wrote a thorough profile of Ibrahim. Ibrahim said to Christopher Joye of the AFR: “Who shoots people’s houses in the dead of night? In my day, that wasn’t even possible… They are feckless cowards. The class has become worse every year after 2010 onward. Just plastic goons, that’s all they are.
They drive around in their expensive automobiles, decked up in tattoos and gold chains, before going home to spend the night with their mums. They are all actors. All of this disorganized criminality is repulsive.

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  • His Twitter account is (@johnibrahimsyd).
  • His Instagram account is (@johnibrahim).

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