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Kenneth Copeland Biography

Kenneth Max Copeland is an American televangelist and novelist connected to the charismatic movement. His 1967 creation, Eagle Mountain International Church Inc. (EMIC), has its headquarters in Tarrant County, Texas. The Victory Channel broadcasts Copeland’s sermons all around the world and in the US. Copeland has also authored numerous books and reference materials.

The Word of Faith movement and his proclamation of the prosperity gospel have been linked to him. According to Copeland’s writings, contributing to God will yield a “hundredfold” return on a person’s investment. He has come under fire for using donations and his tax-exempt status to pay for a mansion, private planes, an airstrip, and other opulent expenditures.

How old is Kenneth Copeland?

He was born as Kenneth Max Copeland on the 6th of December 1936 in Lubbock, Texas, U.S. He is 86 years as of 2022.

Where did Kenneth Copeland go to school? – Education

He attended at Oral Roberts University in the fall of 1967, when he quickly rose to the positions of pilot and driver for Oral Roberts.

Kenneth Copeland Parents – Family

Parents Aubrey Wayne and Vinita Pearl Copeland welcomed Kenneth Max Copeland into the world in Lubbock, Texas. He was inspired to become a pilot since he grew up in West Texas close to an airfield used by the United States Army Air Forces.

Kenneth Copeland Wife/Spouse

For more than 59 years, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have been wed. On 13 April 1963, he wed Gloria. They are John Copeland and Kellie Copeland’s parents. Together with her husband, Gloria co-hosts The Believer’s Voice of Victory, the ministry’s signature broadcast. Terri, who also preaches at her husband’s Eagle Mountain International Church and travels the country with Kellie, also gives sermons. George Pearsons is the pastor of this church. Three marriages have taken place for Copeland. In October 1955, he got hitched for the first time to Ivy Bodiford. Terri Copeland Pearsons, their daughter, was their only child; the couple separated in 1958. Cynthia Davis and Copeland were wed from 1958 to 1961. Copeland has accumulated considerable riches over the course of his career and has described himself as a “very affluent man.” One of the richest preachers in America, according to Beliefnet, is Copeland.

Kenneth Copeland's photo
Kenneth Copeland’s photo

How tall is Kenneth Copeland? – Height and Weight

He stands at a height of 1.69 meters or 5 feet and 6 inches and weighs 65 Kilograms.

Kenneth Copeland House

The desire to lead a lavish lifestyle is a temptation that comes with riches. Kenneth Copeland resides at a lakefront mansion with his wife, which is owned and paid for by the Kenneth Copeland ministry. At the moment, the mansion is worth roughly $6 million. According to the interview with Guerrero, Copeland is not ashamed of the lifestyle he leads. Those who believe that Copeland shouldn’t live a life of luxury are mistaken, in Copeland’s opinion, and they have a profound misreading of the Bible. He asserts that the Bible’s old covenant had passages regarding the prosperity and wealth of God’s men.

How much is Copeland worth? – Net Worth

He is one of the richest pastors with a predicted net worth of $760 million.

Kenneth Copeland Career

Copeland was a music artist for the Imperial Records label and had one Billboard Top 40 success (Pledge of Love), which debuted at number 17 and spent 15 weeks in the Top 40 on April 20, 1957. Copeland gave his entire life to spreading the gospel and doing ministry activity. He attended at Oral Roberts University in the fall of 1967, when he quickly rose to the positions of pilot and driver for Oral Roberts.

Ministry Following his attendance at the Pastor Seminars led by Kenneth E. Hagin in 1967, Copeland and his wife Gloria established Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) in Fort Worth, Texas. Jesus is Lord is the motto of the organization. According to him, the ministry has “delivered over 122 million individuals to the Lord Jesus Christ,” according to an interview.

Television and other programming

The ministry of Copeland has sponsored three- to six-day conventions all around the country since 1967. In the first week of August, KCM continues to host the Southwest Believer’s Convention in his own Fort Worth. At other gatherings and conferences around the world, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland also give sermons and perform other ministries. In addition to airing on Christian television networks like GOD TV and the Daystar Television Network, these events are streamed live on Copeland’s website, On Sundays, segments of recorded conferences are aired. A member of the Copeland family can be seen speaking about biblical topics alone or with another preacher on the Monday through Friday television broadcasts.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries is situated in Fort Worth, Texas, on a 33-acre (13 ha) plot of land with a 2008 Tarrant Appraisal District valuation of $554,160 (or $697,454 in 2021). The area is home to the Eagle Mountain International Church, as well as warehousing and distribution operations, the Copeland family’s homes, and Kenneth Copeland Airport. KCM has a workforce of about 500 workers. John Copeland, the son of Kenneth, served as the ministry’s COO until his separation from Marty Copeland in 2017. He still serves as the ministry’s consultant.

Copeland was accused of utilizing the Citation X for personal trips and pals in February 2007. The Internal Revenue Service has access to the Copelands’ financial records on a secret basis, thus neither they nor a list of the board of directors are accessible to the general public. In response to inquiries from the media, Copeland cited what he claimed was a statement made by an accounting company stating all air travel complies with federal tax regulations. KCM declined to submit a standard Texas Comptroller form that some county appraisal districts use to make decisions, which would have necessitated disclosing the salaries of all ministry workers. As a result, KCM’s Citation Bravo was denied tax exemption in December 2008. KCM then brought legal action against the Tarrant Appraisal District in January 2009, and in March 2010 it was successful in getting the aircraft’s tax-exempt status reinstated.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries has used the Federal Aviation Administration program to conceal flights from tracking websites. The ministry owns five such aircraft, including the Cessna 750 Citation X mentioned above and a North American T-28 Trojan, whose flights are concealed. Senator Chuck Grassley of the United States has questioned a number of the trips made by these aircraft, including stops in Honolulu, Maui, and Fiji. According to the ministries, the layovers were as opportunities for preaching or pilot relaxation.

Kenneth Copeland Bible College

The Eagle Mountain International Church and Kenneth Copeland Ministries share the location where Kenneth Copeland Bible College (KCBC) is situated (EMIC). Transworld Accrediting Commission International has recognized KCBC as a member.

Private jets

The church’s costs may be the subject of an investigation after Copeland’s $3.6 million jet’s tax-exempt status was revoked in 2009; Copeland neglected to reveal the salaries of his directors. The ministry claimed to own five aircraft, the most expensive of which is worth $17.5 million, in 2008. A multi-million dollar Gulfstream V jet was purchased by Copeland’s ministry. Tyler Perry, an actor and businessman, sold the jet.

Copeland had sought an additional $19.5 million as of August 2018 for the construction of a hangar, runway improvement, and maintenance. In a broadcast from 2015, televangelists Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis defended the necessity of using private jets for their work by comparing it to “being in a long tube with a bunch of demons.” Copeland as well as other televangelists have come under fire for using private flights, pricey cars, and luxurious residences.

Victory Channel

The Believer’s Voice of Victory Network was introduced in 2015 by KCM and is available on Dish Network channel 265.
Victory Channel, which was formerly known as Believer’s Voice of Victory Network and is accessible both over-the-air and through some cable providers, launched in 2019.
The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) discontinued airing the Believer’s Voice of Victory (BVOV) on 2 October 2020. (TBN). I n accordance with a new channel contract with Olympusat, which had previously offered Hillsong Channel, the Living Faith Network, and then Bulldog Shopping Network on the channel space, it was added to numerous national cable systems at the beginning of 2022.

Advisory board

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump put together an evangelical executive advisory board, and Copeland was a member of that group. Copeland stated that he did not support Trump at the time since joining the board was not contingent on doing so. In reference to Hillary Clinton’s pro-abortion stance, Copeland claimed that Christians who abstained from voting in the 2016 election would be guilty of murder. In an interview following a state dinner at the White House, Copeland stated that Trump was “driven by the Spirit of God” and that his nominations of conservative justices will be his most significant legacy as president.

Election denial

Copeland led churchgoers in mock laughter after the results of the 2020 US presidential election on 8 November 2020. Before giggling for “Copeland screamed, “The media said what? at least 30 seconds”, It was reported that Joe Biden would be president.” Over 8 million people watched a Right Wing Watch video clip of the event.

Selected Kenneth Copeland’s Books and recordings

  • Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours – 1992
  • Healing Promises – 1994
  • The Laws of Prosperity – 1995
  • Kenneth Copeland Reference Bible – Leather Bound – 1996
  • A Ceremony of Marriage – 1996
  • Over the Edge: Youth Devotional -1998
  • Pursuit of His Presence: Daily Devotional – 1998
  • How to Discipline Your Flesh – 1999
  • You Are Healed – 1999
  • Prayer: Your Foundation for Success – 1999
  • From Faith to Faith: A Daily Guide to Victory – 2000
  • Becoming Subject to the Authority of Jesus – 2001
  • Classic Redemption – 2001
  • The Wake-up Call – 2002
  • Big Band Gospel – 2003
  • Load Up Pocket Devotional: 31 Devotions to Revolutionize Your Future – 2004
  • Racism in the Church. Kill the Root, Destroy the Tree – 2016

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