Who is Kerri Cronk?- Biography

Kerri Cronk is a U.S. journalist and reporter working as the news co-anchor and host of Good Day Utah for KTSU Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, Utah. At KTSU-TV, Cronk started working in October 1993. Before joining FOX 13, she was employed as an anchor for KCBD in Lubbock, Texas.

How old is Kerri Cronk?- Age

  She was born on 8 November 1965, in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. She turned 57 years in 2022.

Where did Kerri Cronk go to school? – Education

Cronk graduated from Brigham Young University, where she had also studied, with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies.

Kerri Cronk Parents – Family

She was reared in Salt Lake City, Utah, a city in the United States. The identities of her mother and father, however, could not be determined because no public information about them exists. She doesn’t have any siblings, therefore that’s unknown.

Kerri Cronk’s Husband – Married

Kerri has a fulfilling marriage. She is happily blessed with two sons and is married to her husband Kevin Cronk, an American Airlines pilot. Currently, Utah in the United States is home to Kerri and her family.

Kerri Cronk’s Children – Son

Mother to two sons, Kerri is a devoted and proud woman.

How tall is Kerri Cronk? – Height

Kerri, a well-known journalist, is 5 feet 5 inches tall (1.67 m).

Kerri Cronk Teeth

Kerri has been known for having excellent teeth for a long time. In a tweet from 2020, she made fun of her teeth while explaining how, in the wake of the epidemic, she was keeping a social distance from her coworkers. She never has to worry about her coworkers wearing deodorant or brushing their teeth. Soon, further details regarding her teeth will be released.

Kerri Cronk Accident

On 5 August 2011, Cronk was riding her bicycle when a car pulled out in front of her, causing catastrophic injuries. After being hit, Kerri suffered severe injuries and lost consciousness. She was, however, found bleeding heavily in the streets near Hogle Zoo and 2600E and picked up by a passing motorist. She was also off the air for eight weeks due to a separated right shoulder. She had a concussion as a result of the collision, which also caused her right clavicle and neck vertebrae to break. It took her two months to fully recover before she was ready to go back to work.

What is Kerri Cronk’s Salary?

Cronk’s annual salary is predicted to range from $40,000 to $111,500.

Kerri Conk’s Net worth

The range of Cronk’s estimated net worth is $2 million to $6 million.

Where is Kerri Cronk? – Kerri Cronk Fox 13 Career

As the morning anchor and host of Good Day Utah, Cronk is currently working by KSTU Fox 13 TV in Salt Lake City, Utah. The program “Good Day Utah” has also won numerous awards. KTSU’s “Live at 11” program is hosted by Cronk as well. October 1993 marked the start of Kerri’s career at KTSU FOX 13. She later started working as a television journalist at KCBD in Lubbock, Texas. Cronk was asked to compose a segment for the 10 o’clock news and return the following day if they used live broadcasting during a meeting with her coworkers. She was hired by Fox 13 thanks to her journalistic skills as well. Cronk has the wonderful fortune to have covered significant stories.
An instance would be visiting Africa. Because she has covered important stories, Cronk has been fortunate. A couple of examples of this are her participation in the 2002 Winter Olympics and a trip to Africa with a Utah medical group where she assisted children in Ghana.

Kerri Cronk’s Instagram, Twitter, IMDb, and Facebook accounts

  • Her Instagram account is; Kerri Amussen Cronk (@kerricronk).
  • Her Twitter account is; Kerri Cronk (@Kerricronk).
  • Her IMDb account is Kerri Cronk.
  • Her Facebook account is Kerri Cronk.

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