Lizzo Biography

Lizzo is a flautist, rapper, and songwriter from the United States of America. Melissa Viviane Jefferson is the rapper’s full name, in addition to her stage name. She is recognized for songs such as “Truth Hurts” (2017) and “Juice” (2019), as well as her roles in films such as “Hustlers.” She blends hip hop and pop genres, as well as R&B, soul, and funk-pop, into her work.

Lizzo’s Nationality

The singer of Truth Hurts is an American citizen.

Why is Lizzo so well-known?

Lizzo is known for being a flautist in addition to rapping and singing.

She has classical training and has performed solos in a number of flute performances.

Her love of the flute began when she was a child, and she has continued to improve her skills as an adult.

How old is Lizzo? – Age

She was born as Melissa Viviane on 27 April  1988 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. She is 34 years as of 2022.

Where did Lizzo go to school? – Education

From the age of ten until she graduated from Alief Elsik High School in Alief, Houston, she was formally taught as a flutist by renowned music teacher Claudia Momen. She and her pals established Cornrow Clique, a musical group when she was 14 years old. She was given the moniker “Lizzo” at this time, a variation of “Lissa” inspired by Jay-“Izzo Z’s (H.O.V.A.)”. She went to the University of Houston to study classical music with a specialty on flute after graduating from Alief Elsik High School in 2006.

Lizzo – Family

Melissa Viviane Jefferson was born in the city of Detroit in the state of Michigan. Her family moved to Houston, Texas when she was ten years old. She lived out of her car for a year after her father died when she was 21, trying to get into the music industry. In 2011, she relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Lizzo’s Husband

Lizzo is not married to Chris Evans or anyone else from the Marvel Universe. The singer is currently unattached. The 33-year-old singer famously marries herself in her “Truth Hurts” album, to which we say: MOOD.

Lizzo's photo
Lizzo’s photo

What is Lizzo Salary?

Her salary is estimated to be $218,000 a year.

Lizzo Net Worth

She is paid a net worth of $12 million.

Lizzo Career

At a young age, the “Hustlers” actress began rapping. By the age of 14, she was a member of the “Cornrow Clique,” a musical group she formed with her friends. She received her moniker, which is also her professional name, from the group. It’s a remix of “Lissa” that’s influenced by Jay-“Izzo Z’s (H.O.V.A.)”.

She eventually moved to Minneapolis in 2011 and joined indie bands like Lizzo & the Larva Ink, as well as co-founding the Chalice, an all-female band. “We Are the Chalice,” their debut album, was released in 2012. Lizzobangers, her hip-hop-focused debut album, was released on October 15, 2013, and was followed by a fall 2013 tour of the United Kingdom and the United States.
She persisted, and on David Letterman’s 7th October episode in 2014, she was a musical guest. Her sophomore studio album, “Big Grrrl Small World,” was released on 11 December 2015.

Her first major-label extended play, “Coconut Oil,” was published on 7 October 2016. “Good As Hell,” the main single from her extended play, was included in the soundtrack for the film Barbershop: The Next Cut, and is one of her most well-known songs. The extended play’s lyrics tackle topics of body positivity, self-love, and the path to those goals. In 2017, she embarked on the Good as Hell Tour to promote the entire play, inspired by the song.
She made her acting debut in 2019 with the voice of Lydia, a purple-haired perfect doll in the animated film UglyDolls, and a supporting role on Hustlers, an American black criminal comedy-drama film. Her third album, Juice, was released by Atlantic Records the same year, with the lead track “Juice.” “Cuz I Love You” was the title of the following month’s album. Soon after, she was invited to play at the Coachella Music Festival. She’s been nominated for prizes ever since, and she’s won a few of them. Lizzo made her Saturday Night Live debut on December 21st, 2019, with Eddie Murphy hosting.

Body Positivity with Lizzo

The vocalist of “Juice” is a proponent of body positivity and self-love. She has spoken openly about her childhood battles with body image. As a result, she strives to be diverse in her music while dealing with issues such as sexuality, body image, racism, and other topics. She even has a plus-size dancing troupe known as the Big Grrrls as backup dancers.

Lizzo Twitter

@lizzo is the rapper’s Twitter handle.

Lizzo’s Songs

  • 2013 – Batches and Cookies (featuring Sophia Eris)
  • 2013Wegula
  • 2013Night Watch
  • 2014 – Let ‘Em Say (with Caroline Smith)
  • 2014 – Paris
  • 2014 – Faded
  • 2015 – Humanize
  • 2015 – Ain’t I
  • 2015 – My Skin
  • 2015 – Never Felt Like Christmas
  • 2016 – Basement Queens (with Sad13)
  • 2016Good as Hell (solo or featuring Ariana Grande)
  • 2016 – Phone
  • 2017 – Water Me
  • 2017 – Truth Hurts
  • 2018 – Fitness
  • 2018 – Boys
  • 2019 – Juice
  • 2019 – Tempo (featuring Missy Elliott)
  • 2020 Cuz I Love You

Lizzo’s Awards

  • 2019 – Soul Train Music Awards for Video of the Year “Juice”
  • 2019 – Soul Train Music Award for Album/Mixtape of the Year “Cuz I Love You”
  • 2019 – Rolling Stone’s International Music Award for Style
  • 2019Apple Music Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year
  • 2013She was named among 14 music artists to watch in 2014 by the Time magazine
  • 2013 – Picked to Click award for best new Twin Cities artist by City Pages

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