Marc Brown Biography

Marc Tolon Brown is a well-known American children’s book author and illustrator. Brown is best known for developing the Arthur book series, as well as its numerous spin-offs, and for writing and illustrating it. Except for one of the Arthur books, the names of his two sons, Tolon Adam and Tucker Eliot, have been suppressed. Eliza, his daughter, is mentioned in at least two works. He’s a three-time Emmy winner, and the Arthur TV series, based on the novels, was awarded PBS’s number one show for three years (1997, 2000, 2001). Since the show’s tenth season, he has also acted as an executive producer. He now resides in the Massachusetts town of Hingham.

How old is Marc Brown? – Age

He was born on 25 November 1946 in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States. He is 76 years as of 2022.

Where did Marc Brown go to school? – Education

His art instructor, Nancy Bryan, introduced him to watercolors while he was at McDowell Senior High School, and he now utilizes them for the majority of his illustrations. Brown was influenced by painters such as Marc Chagall. Brown’s decision to pursue a career path was also impacted by Maurice Sendak, the author of the children’s novel Where the Wild Things Are.

Brown was able to study in graphic design at the Cleveland Institute of Art because to the assistance of his grandmother, Thora. Brown persisted in his aim of becoming a children’s book illustrator despite the resistance of his colleagues. Brown presented a sample of his drawings to Houghton Mifflin, a publishing house in Boston, Massachusetts, after graduation, and was offered a USD$5,000 deal. Brown was able to reinforce his decision to pursue a career in illustration as a professional thanks to this opportunity. He started part-time teaching and illustrating textbooks at Garland Junior College in Boston in 1969.

Brown’s Wife – Family

Brown’s grandma Thora told him many stories as he grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, with his three sisters. Brown was inspired to write his own stories in his later years as a result of this. For example, for the character Mr. Ratburn, he “borrowed” the name of his 7th grade mathematics teacher, Mr. Rathbun. Brown’s affinity for drawing, which he discovered at the age of six, was also fostered by Grandma Thora.

Marc Brown The Author
Marc Brown The Author

What is Brown Salary?

His earnings are under review.

Brown Net Worth

His net worth is unknown.

Marc Brown Career

Before focusing primarily on his literary profession, he worked at a variety of jobs. He worked as a truck driver, a short-order chef, a television art director, and eventually a college professor. Brown’s tenure was cut short when the college went bankrupt one semester after he was hired, according to him.

Arthur Books by Marc Brown

  • 1976 – Arthur’s Nose
  • 1979 – Arthur’s Eyes
  • 1980 – Arthur’s Valentine
  • 1981 – The True Francine
  • 1982 – Arthur Goes to Camp
  • 1982 – Arthur’s Halloween
  • 1983 – Arthur’s April Fool
  • 1983 – Arthur’s Thanksgiving
  • 1984 – Arthur’s Christmas
  • 1985 – Arthur’s Tooth
  • 1986 – Arthur’s Teacher Trouble
  • 1987 – Arthur’s Baby
  • 1988 – D.W. All Wet
  • 1989 – Arthur’s Birthday
  • 1990 – Arthur’s Pet Business
  • 1991 – Arthur Meets the President (Early Moments)
  • 1992 – Arthur Babysits
  • 1993 – D.W. Thinks Big
  • 1993 – D.W. Rides Again
  • 1993 – Arthur’s Family Vacation
  • 1993 – Arthur’s New Puppy
  • 1994 – Arthur’s First Sleepover
  • 1994 – Arthur’s Chicken Pox
  • 1995 – Arthur’s TV Trouble
  • 1995 – D.W., the Picky Eater
  • 1995 – Arthur Goes to School
  • 1996 – Arthur Writes a Story
  • 1996 – Arthur’s Reading Race
  • 1996 – Glasses for D.W.
  • 1996 – Arthur’s Neighborhood
  • 1996 – Arthur and the True Francine
  • 1997 – Arthur’s Computer Disaster
  • 1997 – Say the Magic Word
  • 1997 – D.W.’s Lost Blankie
  • 1997 – Arthur’s Really Helpful Word Book
  • 1997 – Arthur Tricks the Tooth Fairy
  • 1998 – Arthur Lost and Found
  • 1998 – Arthur’s Really Helpful Bedtime Stories
  • 1998 – Arthur Decks the Hall
  • 1999 – Arthur’s Underwear
  • 2000 – Arthur’s Teacher Moves In
  • 2000 – Arthur’s Perfect Christmas
  • 2002 – Arthur, It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • 2006 – Arthur Jumps into Fall
  • 2011 – Arthur Turns Green

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