Marc Lacey Biography

Marc Lacey is a New York Times Washington journalist who focuses on the State Department. He has appeared on PBS’s Washington Week, ABC’s This Week, and C-Washington Span’s Journal. 

How old is Lacey? – Age

He is about 55 years as of 2021. He has not shared where he was born.

Where did Marc Lacey go to school? – Education

He relocated to Western New York after graduating from Cornell and worked for the Buffalo News before joining the Washington Post. He obtained a master’s degree in international policy from George Washington University when he was in DC. Lacey also spent ten years as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, where he covered topics as diverse as street gangs, the beach, and the California congressional delegation in Washington.

Marc Lacey – Family

He has not shared any information concerning his parents or siblings.

Lacey Wife

He has not shared anything about his wife and children.

Marc Lacey The New York Times journalist
Marc Lacey The New York Times journalist

What is Lacey Salary?

His earning are currently under review.

Lacey Net Worth

There’s no information concerning his net worth.

Marc Lacey Career

He began his media career as the editor-in-chief of the Cornell Daily Sun, a student newspaper at South High School. Lacey, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, was a part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. He’s toured the world, spending six weeks in Kosovo reporting on the influx of refugees into Albania, and is set to join the New York Times in Nairobi, Kenya this fall as its East Africa bureau chief.

Lacey has taken part in the Big Brother program and is interested in Aids research fundraising efforts. He routinely lectures young people about journalism, emphasizing the profession’s ethics and goals.

In March, while driving from Crawford to Waco, New York Times reporter Marc Lacey was attacked on the highway by a kamikaze deer, which charged his rental car.

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