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Mark Dacascos Biography

Mark Dacascos is an American actor, fighter, martial artist, and television personality. He won lots of karate and kung fu matches between the ages of 7 and 18. His filmography includes John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Drive, Cradle 2 the Grave, and Hawaii Five-0.

How old is Mark Dacascos? – Age

He was born as Mark Alan Dacascos on the 26th of February 1964 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. He turned 58 years in 2022.

Where did Mark Dacascos go to school? – Education

He competed on the Los Angeles Valley College gymnastics team. He also attended Oregon’s Portland State University. He is proficient in the Wun Hop Kuen Do martial arts style that his father practices. Amen Santo taught him Wushu, capoeira, and Muay Thai.

Mark Dacascos Parents and Siblings – Family

His parents are of Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish origin from the Philippines, and his dad, Al Dacascos, is a martial arts instructor from Hawaii. His biological mother Moriko McVey-Murray hails from both Ireland and Japan. Dacascos asserted that numerous members of his maternal family perished in the Hiroshima explosion on the History Channel program Samurai. He lives with his stepmother, Malia Bernal, a champion martial artist.

Dacascos Wife and Children

He is married to Julie Condra, who appeared alongside him in Crying Freeman. They have two sons and a daughter, making three kids total.

Mark Dacascos photo
Mark Dacascos photo

Is Dacascos a vegetarian?

He doesn’t eat vegan food.

Mark Dacascos Height

Dacascos is 1.75 meters tall.

Dacascos Net Worth

She receives a predicted net worth of $2 Million.

Mark Dacascos Crying Freeman

In the 1995 action movie Crying Freeman, he played Yo Hinomura/Crying Freeman, a superb assassin who cries after every victim he kills.

A young woman is present when a Japanese Yakuza member is killed. The assassin’s eyes start to well up as he continues to stand motionless in front of her.
The assassin’s eyes tear up as he continues to stand motionless in front of her. Emu is told by the assassin, who goes by “Yo,” that she is his next victim. When Emu travels to Japan, she encounters Yo, who tells her about his ancestry. Once healed, Emu leaves the hospital, followed by Netah and Forge.

Forge is killed in an explosion when their car is struck by a tractor-trailer piloted by the Yakuza. His first mission, where he killed Mafia boss Antonio Rossi, caused him to start crying, giving him the nickname “Crying Freeman.” He was drugged and kidnapped by the Sons of the Dragons, who used acupuncture to insert subliminal messages into his mind. Yo and Emu last appeared aboard a speedboat heading into the horizon.

Mark Dacascos Hawaii Five-0

In the American action police procedural television series Hawaii Five-0, she played Wo Fat. Prior to being killed by Steve McGarrett, Wo Fat served as a criminal lord and former operative for the Chinese Ministry of Interior. He was a foe of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force, particularly its leader Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett.

In the episode Hana ‘a’a Makehewa, where he spoke with the assassin Victor Hesse, he made his acting debut. Wo Fat and mafia boss Hiro Noshimuri were seen playing golf together in Ke Kinohi. In the episode Ha’i’ole, Chin Ho learns that Wo Fat ordered Hesse to kill Steve, but Hesse purposely chose not to do so so that Steve might flee and track down Wo Fat.
Wo Fat organized an arms sale at a boat dock that included dirty bomb components. NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye, a lip reader, was dispatched by Joe White to try and ascertain the reason for the meeting in Ka Hakaka Maika’i.

After that, Wo Fat attempted to kill Joe using a gun he was carrying, but Joe stopped him. Hawaii Five-0, a television show. When Joe was able to free himself, he went in quest of Wo Fat’s gun but found that he was no longer there.

Mark Dacascos Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

He made an appearance in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight as Eubulon “Advent Master.” A No-Men from the planet Karsh named Eubulon engaged in combat with General Xaviax to stop him from enslaving the planet Ventara.
He told the leaders of Ventara what would happen, but because of his severe wounds, he was unable to say anything else. He now owns a v-buckle and knows how to alter the Rider Decks’ DNA sequence so that anyone can use it. He was found on Earth in Roswell, New Mexico.

Mark Dacascos Movies

  • 2010 – Secret of the Sultan
  • 2010 – Shadows in Paradise
  • 2011 – The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone
  • 2014 – The Extendables
  • 2014 – Roger Corman’s Operation Rogue
  • 2016 – Showdown in Manila
  • 2017 – Ultimate Justice
  • 2017 – Maximum Impact
  • 2018 – The Legend of Hallowaiian
  • 2019 – Lucky Day
  • 2019 – The Driver
  • 2019 – John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum
  • 2020 – One Night in Bangkok
  • 2021 – Batman: Soul of the Dragon

Mark Dacascos TV Shows/Films

  • 2017 – The Perfect Bride
  • 2019 – Wu Assassins
  • 2022 – Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend
  • 2007–2008 – Stargate Atlantis
  • 2007–2012 – The Next Iron Chef
  • 2008 – The Middleman
  • 2008 – The Legend of Bruce Lee
  • 2009 – Dancing with the Stars
  • 2009 – Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
  • 2010–2020 – Hawaii Five-0
  • 2014 – Chicago P.D.
  • 2015–2016 – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • 2016 – Lucifer

Mark Dacascos’s Instagram, IMDb, and Twitter accounts

  • His Instagram account is; Mark Dacascos (@dacascosmark).
  • His Twitter account is; Mark Dacascos (@Mark_Dacascos).
  • His IMDb account is Mark Dacascos.

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