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Masaharu Morimoto Biography

Masaharu Morimoto is a Japanese chef most known for his participation as an Iron Chef on the cooking competition shows Iron Chef and its American counterpart Iron Chef. His distinctive approach to food presentation is another thing that makes him famous.

He owns Morimoto Restaurants. He previously held the James Beard Award for specialties

How Old is Masaharu Morimoto? – Age

He was born on the 26th of May 1955 in Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan. He turned 67 years in 2022.

Did Morimoto attend culinary school? – Education

In Hiroshima, where he received hands-on instruction in sushi and traditional Kaiseki cooking, Morimoto founded his own restaurant in 1980. He chose to sell his restaurant in 1985 so that he could travel the country after being influenced by Western cooking techniques. His culinary fusion style was further impacted by his travels.

The chef grew up and was born in Japan. He was raised in Hiroshima, where he wanted to play baseball. Sadly, a shoulder injury put paid to that dream, so Morimoto began cooking instead, focusing on sushi. But it wasn’t an easy childhood for him. Morimoto started learning about sushi in his native Hiroshima. He hasn’t disclosed anything concerning his parents and siblings in order to maintain his low profile.

Who is Chef Morimoto wife and children? – Marriage

In 1978, Masaharu Morimoto and Keiko Morimoto became happily married. The family is blessed with three children.
There hasn’t been any news about him and Keiko splitting up or having a divorce since the day they got married. This chef seemed to be having a good time with his family.

Masaharu Morimoto's photo
Masaharu Morimoto’s photo

Masaharu Morimoto Iron Chef

The official Iron Chef win/loss/tie record for Morimoto is 16-7-1. The rear of Morimoto’s Iron Chef outfit featured a sheaf-shaped image of the Japanese and American flags tied together. The costume was silver with red trim. To set himself apart from his on-screen persona, Morimoto dresses professionally and dons (purely aesthetic) glasses. He frequently drank Coca-Cola while preparing meals for the show’s viewers, and once he mixed it with natt to make a dessert.
He earned a reputation in a 1999 competition for dishes like Bell Pepper Sushi that seemed to come from nowhere.

In Iron Chef: The Professionals, Masayoshi Morimoto is well remembered for his confrontation with Bobby Flay. Flay was deemed “not a chef” by Morimoto because he stood up on his chopping board after finishing his dishes. He also had vice-chairman of the Japanese Culinary Association, Tadamichi Ohta, and head of the renowned “Ohta Faction” of Japanese cooks, in his sights. Before finally defeating Morimoto in one match alongside rival Seiya Masahara, Ohta’s faction had lost three bouts to him. Masahiro Morimoto, a former host of Iron Chef America, took over as host when it moved from Los Angeles to New York.

His debut cookbook, Morimoto: The Art of New Japanese Cooking, was published in 2007. His voice is typically dubbed by American voice actor Joe Cipriano throughout the series’ judging phase.

Masaharu Morimoto Net Worth

His net worth is believed to be $18 Million.

Does Masaharu Morimoto own any Restaurants? – Restaurants – Career

Prior to founding his own restaurant in Hiroshima in 1980, Morimoto spent time there studying traditional Kaiseki cuisine and sushi. In order to traverse the country while being influenced by Western cooking techniques, he sold his restaurant in 1985. His travels have even more of an impact on his fusion cuisine. He made his home in New York City and began working in some of the most exclusive eateries there, such as the executive dining room for visiting VIPs and the Sony Corporation, the Sony Club, where he served as executive chef, and the upscale Japanese restaurant Nobu, where he served as head chef. While employed at Nobu, he began appearing on the Iron Chef television program. He left Nobu a few months after the final episode of Iron Chef aired each week in 1999 to work for Starr Restaurants before launching his own Morimoto eatery in Philadelphia the following year. In the Chelsea district of New York City, he started off by opening a Morimoto restaurant. In this New York City restaurant, which was created by the architects Tadao Ando, Goto Design Group, and structural engineers Leslie E. Robertson Associates, the exposed concrete is a distinguishing feature. Mr. Morimoto has opened Morimoto restaurants all over the world in addition to owning Wasabi establishments in Mumbai and New Delhi.

He debuted his first Morimoto eatery in Napa Valley in July 2010, then opened locations in Waikiki, Hawaii, and Maui, Hawaii, in October 2010 and October 2013, respectively. In December 2016, the Morimoto Waikiki restaurant closed. The chef introduced two new businesses for the area in 2018: Morimoto Asia and Momosan outlets.

In New York’s Tribeca district, Morimoto debuted Tribeca Canvas in November 2012, delivering American comfort food with an Asian twist. He closed the restaurant in August 2013 for a redesign due to a spate of unfavorable reviews and falling business. In October of the same year, he reopened it as Bisutoro and began offering his own versions of traditional bistro dishes. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Bisutoro shut down in January 2014.

Morimoto also owns the Tokyo restaurant Morimoto XEX, a reworking of his Morimoto concept with distinct Teppanyaki and sushi floors. 2008’s Tokyo Michelin Guide bestowed a Michelin star on Morimoto XEX. A spinoff of the original Japanese Iron Chef series, Iron Chef America, as well as its spinoffs The Next Iron Chef and Iron Chef Gauntlet, featured Morimoto as an Iron Chef. The Imperial Pilsner, Soba Ale, and Black Obi Soba Ale are just a few of the specialty beers that Chef Morimoto has developed in partnership with Rogue Ales of Newport, Oregon.

He collaborated through Ardaji Restaurant Ventures, LLC with businessmen Paul Ardaji, a credited Film Producer (ALI) starring Will Smith, and Paul Ardaji, Jr. on the failed PauliMotos Asian Bistro project in 2005. The Ardajis’ association with the Iron Chef came to an end when they were unable to raise the $20.0 million needed to launch 11 outlets around the country.

At Disney Springs in Florida’s Walt Disney World, a Pan-Asian restaurant called Morimoto Asia debuted in September 2015. In April 2016, Morimoto inaugurated the Lexington Avenue location of Momosan Ramen & Sake in New York City. In Boston, Massachusetts, Morimoto debuted the Momosan Ramen Boston restaurant on Causeway St. in October 2021.

Masaharu Morimoto Dishes

  • Potato Dumpling Sauce.
  • Spiced Car.
  • Black Cod Cooked with Sake.
  • Hibiscus Sazerac.
  • Wagyu Two Ways.
  • Potato Noodles.
  • Saga Wagyu Tortilla.

Chef Morimoto Television appearances

  • Masaharu Morimoto and Rokusaburo Michiba traveled to Indonesia in 1999 to participate in Resep Oke Rudy, which was televised on RCTI and featured media partner Wanita Indonesia.
  • Iron Chef Morimoto taught the participants how to prepare sushi during the 2010 season of the American version of Hell’s Kitchen. Then the competitors had to recreate his dish.
  • Iron Chef Morimoto served as a guest judge on Top Chef season 8. For one of the judges, each contestant was required to prepare a “Last Supper.” Finalist Antonia Lofaso served Morimoto miso soup and a sashimi bento as a typical Japanese lunch.
  • He took part in the sixth season of Masterchef Italia in 2016 as a guest. His mission was to assess the ingredients used to prepare a variety of Japanese cuisine.
  • On the CBS television program Hawaii Five-0, which is shot on location in Hawaii, Morimoto has made cameo appearances as himself. He initially appeared in “Ma Ke Kahakai,” which is from the first season.
  • Iron Chef Morimoto served as a guest judge on MasterChef season 10’s King of the Crab competition.
  • In the Binging with Babish 4 Million Subscriber Special, Morimoto made a cameo appearance and cooked fugu for Andrew Rea’s “death sandwich.”

Masaharu Morimoto Instagram, Twitter, and IMDb accounts

  • His Instagram account is; Masaharu Morimoto (@chef_morimoto).
  • His Twitter account is; Chef Morimoto (@chef_morimoto) / Twitter
  • His IMDb account is Masaharu Morimoto.

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