Michael S Schmidt Biography

Michael S Schmidt is a Washington, D.C.-based American journalist, best-selling book, and correspondent for The New York Times. He is a national security and federal law enforcement reporter who has broken several high-profile stories. He also contributes to MSNBC and NBC News on national security issues.

How old is Michael S Schmidt? – Age

He was born on the 23rd of September 1983 in Nyack, New York, the U.S. He turned 39 years in 2022.

Where did Michael S Schmidt go to school? – Education

Schmidt studied at Richmond, Virginia’s John Randolph Tucker High School and went on to Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, where he earned an AB in international affairs in 2005.

Michael S Schmidt – Family

He grew up in Nyack, New York. Rachel and James Schmidt are his biological parents.

Michael S Schmidt’s Wife

He appears to be quite discreet about his personal life, so it’s unclear if he’s dating anyone. He also hasn’t been linked to anyone in the past.

Michael S. Schmidt photo
Michael S Schmidt photo

Schmidt Height/Weight

His height is 5 Ft 7 Inches and weighs 66 kg.

What is Schmidt’s Salary?

His salary is predicted to be $112,500 each year.

Schmidt’s Net Worth

He receives a predicted net worth of $2 million.

Michael S Schmidt New York Times Career

Schmidt was a reporter for The Boston Globe in 2004. In 2005, Schmidt started as a news clerk for The New York Times. He was promoted to staff reporter in December 2007, where he specialized on performance-enhancing drugs and sports law. According to Schmidt, almost 100 players tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug in 2003, including David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, and Sammy Sosa. In 2010, Schmidt broke the story of how baseball super-agent Scott Boras’ organization gave a teenage prospect tens of thousands of dollars in loans, raising questions about whether Boras’ company had broken any rules intended to safeguard athletes from exploitation.

In 2011, Schmidt worked as a New York Times correspondent in Iraq.
He found a stash of confidential documents at a Baghdad junkyard during his tenure in Iraq. Marines testified about the Haditha Massacre in 2005, according to the records.

There were 26 Iraqi civilians slain by the Marines in that episode. Other secret American documents were utilized to prepare smoked carp by an Iraqi junkyard attendant. When it aired in 2011, as American troops were leaving Iraq, the tale received a lot of positive attention. Schmidt was one of a group of New York Times reporters who broke a series of reports regarding the Justice Department charging FIFA officials in May 2015. Agents of the law were able to apprehend the executives.
Schmidt and Matt Apuzzo (co-written with Julia Preston) published a New York Times report in December 2015 condemning the US government for overlooking key evidence during Tashfeen Malik’s visa vetting process. Malik would subsequently become one of the shooters in the 2015 San Bernardino tragedy. The report was criticized by the FBI director as “garble,” and it was determined that she had voiced her ideas on violent jihad in private chats rather than “freely espousing her opinions on violent jihad on social media,” as the article stated. The New York Times’ public editor called for “structural adjustments” in response to Schmidt and his coauthors’ pieces (both of which had relied on anonymous government sources).
Schmidt has covered the federal and congressional investigations into ties between Trump’s advisors and Russians as a key journalist for the New York Times. On 5 March 2017, Schmidt first reported that FBI Director James Comey had requested that the Justice Department officially refute Trump’s claims that President Obama had him wiretapped during the 2016 campaign.

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