Paul Washer Biography

Paul Washer is a Southern Baptist Convention-affiliated American Protestant evangelist who practices Calvinist doctrine. Since 1988, he has been the founder, director, and missions coordinator of Heart Cry Missionary Society, an organization that has supported indigenous missionaries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Eurasia, and Latin America. Washer previously worked in Peru for ten years as a North American missionary. Washer’s sermons on salvation and regeneration, as well as his two sermons, “Ten Indictments” and “Paul Washer’s Shocking Youth Message,” helped him gain popularity.

How old is Paul Washer? – Age

He was born on 11 September 1961 in the United States of America. He turned 60 years in 2021.

Where did Paul Washer go to school? – Education

Paul enrolled at Texas University, where he studied to be an oil and gas lawyer. While at Texas University, he converted to Christianity. Later, he enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to obtain a Master of Divinity degree.

Paul Washer – Family

Washer was born and reared in the U.S.A. by his mom, Barbara Washer, and his dad, who suffered a heart attack and passed on when Washer was 17 years old. However, no information about his siblings is available to the public.

Washer Wife

Rosario Charo Washer is his wife. She is a volunteer at the Organization’s photography department. Around 1993, the pair married in a lavish ceremony attended by a significant number of people. In 2021, the couple will celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary. Charo was born in the Peruvian city of Lim. Her father is from Spain, and her mother is from Peru.

Paul Washer The Evangelist
Paul Washer The Evangelist

What is Paul Washer Salary?

His salary is under review. However, he is predicted to be earning $ 1140 per day.

Paul Washer Net Worth

He receives an estimated net worth of 4million.

Paul Washer Career

Washer proceeded to Peru, where he spent ten years as a missionary preaching the gospel before returning to the United States. He established the Heart Cry Missionary Society there.

Quotes from Paul Washer

  • “There are no great men of God; just weak, wretched, trustless men of a mighty and merciful God.”
  • “People advise me not to pass judgment lest I pass judgment on them.
  • Twist not Scripture, I often tell them, lest you become like Satan.”
  • “When you become the source of your own happiness, you have committed idolatry.
  • It’s a lovely thing to be poor in spirit.”
  • “Everywhere you go……everyone you meet… a potential brother or sister in Christ.”
  • “If I were to describe men and women who are used by GOD in a few words, they are passionate-weak, violently-desperate.”


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