Paul Whitehouse Biography

Paul Whitehouse (Julian) is a Welsh actor, comedian, and writer best known for his roles in BBC sketch comedy programs such as “The Fast Show,” “The Death of Stalin,” and “Corpse Bridge.”
He also appeared in the “Harry and Paul Show” and the “Harry Enfield and Chums Show” alongside Harry Enfield.
Paul was named one of the top 50 comedians in the world by comedians and comedy insiders in 2005. In addition, he has received numerous honors, including a BAFTA in 1998, the British Comedy Award in 1996 and 1997, and the Royal Television Award in 1997. Johnny Depp starred in the 2001 film The Final Fast Show Ever.

How old is Paul Whitehouse? – Age

Paul Julian Whitehouse was born on 17th May 1958 in Stanleytown, Rhondda, Wales. He turned years in 2021.

Where did Paul Whitehouse go to school? – Education

From autumn 1976 to autumn 1977, he studied Development Studies at the University of East Anglia. He met Charlie Higson, and the two became fast friends. He eventually dropped out and began working as a plasterer in a council flat in Hackney, east London. Higson graduated from the university in 1980 and moved in with Whitehouse, where he worked as a decorator while also performing with his new punk-funk band “The Higsons” at night and on weekends.

Paul Whitehouse Wife – Family

His responsible parents gave him birth in Stanleytown, Rhondda, Wales. His father, Harry Whitehouse, was a coal miner for the National Coal Board, and his mother, Anita Whitehouse, was a Welsh National Opera soprano. Paul’s family moved to Enfield in north London, England, when he was just four years old. Paul discovered that he had a gift for mimicking after moving to a new location. There are no definite records on his siblings, but our staff is conducting research and will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

Paul’s Wife

He has a close friendship with Mine Conkbayir. Mine was a student when he met her when she was 23 years old. In London, they live separately but are quite close. Delilah, their daughter, was born to them as a couple. Paul was previously married to Fiona, his ex-wife. They were a lovely couple, however, they divorced in 200 due to undisclosed reasons. They did, however, have three children, Molly, Lauren, and Sophie. He is now the father of four daughters, all of whom are from separate mothers.

Paul Whitehouse The Actor
Paul Whitehouse The Actor

What is Whitehouse Salary?

His earnings are currently under review.

Whitehouse Net Worth

He receives an estimated salary of $20 million.

Paul Whitehouse Career

He started his job after dropping out of school and working as a plasterer in a council apartment in Hackney, east London. Charlie Higson, Whitehouse’s best friend, later graduated and moved in with him, working as a decorator and performing with his new punk-funk band “The Higsons” at night and on weekends.

After that, Harry Enfield invited them to write for Saturday Live on Channel 4 and they accepted. The group became so well-known that they began appearing in shows, films, and television series. He became well-known as a result of his work on various television movies and programs.

Movies and Tv shows

He has been in around 66 films and television shows, including “The Fast Show,” “The Death of Stalin,” “Corpse Bridge,” “Ruddy Hell,” and a number of others.

In 2021, he was featured in; Murder They Hope, Beyond, Tiny Cow, an on-progress mini-series ‘Why didn’t they ask Evans’ which should complete in 2022.


He has a total of 16 published books.

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