Paula Reid Biography

Paula Reid is a White House correspondent for CBS News and an American news reporter for CBS. Paula is noted for her coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Robert Mueller Special Counsel Investigation. During the Covid-19 outbreak, she also acquired notoriety for her bravery in pressuring US President Donald J. Trump for answers and accountability for his lack of preparedness for the health disaster.

How old is Paula Reid? – Age

In the year 2022, the CBS reporter will be 38 years old. Her precise birth date is unknown.

Where did Paula Reid go to school? – Education

Ms. Reid holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the College of William & Mary. Paula graduated from Villanova University School of Law with a Juris Doctorate in 2005. He passed her bar examinations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and went on to work for the Juvenile Justice Project in Louisiana before interning at the Chester County District Attorney’s Office. She has a master’s degree in bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Paula Reid Husband and children – Family

Since April 2018, the CBS News correspondent has been married to Mr. Jason Kolsevich. The pair married in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and now call Washington, D.C. home.

Paula Reid the journalist
Paula Reid the journalist

What is Paula Reid’s Salary?

She receives an annual estimated salary of $102,548.

Reid’s Net Worth

Her net worth is predicted to be $600,000.

Paula Reid CBS Career

Ms. Reid has exclusively worked for CBS in her journalism career. In 2010, she began working as a secretary for CBS News. Reid became a journalist after working for the CBS news division for a while. She has since worked on broadcasts such as CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News, and Face the Nation as part of the team.
Reid covered the Hillary Clinton campaign during the 2016 presidential campaign, specifically the email controversy concerning the presidential candidate. She was also on the ground in Charlotte, North Carolina, researching the Unite the Right demonstration. Following the rally, a state of emergency would be declared.

She served on the CBS News legal team in Washington in 2014, utilizing her legal knowledge. In 2017, another high-profile inquiry into Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation began. She did her job and reported for CBS on the probe.

Paula pointed out that the president was not legally able to fire Robert Mueller during one of Sarah Sanders’ press briefings after Sanders claimed that the president could remove Mueller if he wanted to.
Reid had a confrontation with Donald Trump when the Trump administration adopted its border policies, in which she pointed out to him that the family separation policy was different from that of previous administrations, in that Trump’s policy punished everyone entering the border.

President Donald Trump and Paula Reid had a spat Ms. Reid joined CBS as a White House correspondent in 2019. Paula, like other White House correspondents, attended daily news briefings by Trump throughout the coronavirus 2019-20 epidemic. She sorted through the president’s responses as usual, and on April 14, 2020, she asked Mr. Trump why his administration had been reluctant to respond to the pandemic epidemic. She inquired as to what he did with the time he “purchased” following his travel prohibition in China.

“The idea is that you bought yourself some time,” she explained.
What did you do with that time, though? You did not use it to prepare hospitals or to increase testing. Currently, approximately 20 million people are unemployed, and tens of thousands of people have died in the United States.” Trump responded by calling Reid a “fake.” “Look, look, you know you’re a fake,” he added. You’re well aware that your entire network, as well as the way you cover it, is phony.” Reid told the BBC after the press conference that a press conference is not the place to establish friends.

Paula Reid Twitter

Her Twitter account; Paula Reid @PaulaReidCNN has more than 302,500 followers.

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