Richard Marcinko biography

Richard “Dick” Marcinko was a Vietnam War veteran and former US Navy SEAL commander. He served as SEAL Team Six’s first commanding officer. He became an author, radio talk show host, military consultant, and motivational speaker after retiring from the United States Navy.

Richard Marcinko Cause of death

The first commanding commander of US Navy SEAL Team 6, Richard “Dick” Marcinko, died on Saturday at the age of 81, according to his son.

“We lost a hero on the evening of 25th December 2021 who was also known as The Rogue Warrior, the former Navy SEAL captain AND the creator of SEAL Team Six, my father, Richard Marcinko,” Matt Marcinko tweeted on 26th Sunday. “His impact will be felt for generations to come. The dude was a legendary figure who died. Rest in peace, Dad. You have my undying love.”

The Navy SEAL Museum’s Facebook page also reported Marcinko’s death, saying, “Dick Marcinko had a one-of-a-kind role in SEAL history, leaving an incomparable legacy. ‘Demo Dick’ is regarded as the best counter-terrorist operative in the United States.

Marcinko’s Age

He was born in Lansford, Pennsylvania, on November 21, 1940. He turned 81 years in 2021.

Where did Richard Marcinko go to school? Education

He was enlisted in the United States Marine Corps before being turned down due to his lack of high school education.

Richard Marcinko
Richard Marcinko


Richard Marcinko’s Career

In 1958, he enlisted in the United States Navy and rose through the ranks to the rank of commander. He went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in international relations and a master’s degree in political science, respectively.

He helped form SEAL Team 6 and RED CELL, two of the military’s elite counter-terrorist forces.

Marcinko joined the 2nd Platoon of SEAL Team 2 in Vietnam in January 1967. He took part in the attack on Ilo Ilo Hon on May 18, 1967, which was the Navy’s most successful SEAL mission during the Vietnam War.

Marcinko returned to the United States after a second deployment to Vietnam, where he took part in the Tet Offensive.

Because of his strong leadership, the North Vietnamese set a bounty on Marcinko’s head, but he eluded the enemy. He was awarded four Bronze Stars, as well as the Silver Star and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, for his service. He was awarded 34 citations and medals in all.

Marcinko was recruited to build and head an elite counterterrorism squad, which later became SEAL Team 6, after serving as one of two Navy representatives on an unsuccessful task force intended to liberate American captives during the Iran hostage crisis in 1979. The term was chosen to make the Soviet Union and other rivals believe the US had more SEAL units than it actually did. From August 1980 to July 1983, Marcinko led SEAL Team 6. He also wrote many novels, including “Rogue Warrior,” a New York Times best-selling autobiography published in 1993. The book would be followed by multiple sequels.

“All who knew Dick Marcinko will recall him as inventive and daring, a warrior at heart,” said retired Navy SEAL Adm. Eric Olson in a statement to Navy Times. “He was a passionate rogue, to be sure, but his unique service has benefited us.”


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