Sarah Levey Biography

Sarah Levey is a qualified yoga instructor, certified health coach, and actress who is the co-founder and CEO of Y7 Facilities, a boutique fitness company in the United States that offers yoga sessions that are unlike those found in regular studios. She is an American who is known as a “female boss” due to the global influence of her work. The aggravation she experienced in other yoga classrooms, as well as the lack of fun, inspired Levey to start her own yoga studio. Sarah worked as a fashion executive in New York for five years prior to joining the health business.

How old is Sarah Levey? – Age

She was born in 1986. She is 36 years as of 2022.

Where did Sarah Levey go to school? – Education

Sarah studied theatre at Dalhousie University after graduating from Branksome Hall. Her exposure to incredibly talented performing and screenwriting parents most likely contributed to her superior abilities.

Sarah Levey – Family

She has kept her family private.

Sarah Levey’s husband

Marson Levey, Sarah Larson’s business partner and co-founder of the Y7 Studio, is also her husband. The couple has been friends since high school and their friendship has grown into marriage.

Levey Pregnant/Expecting – Sarh Levey Baby/Child

For a long time, Sarah and Marson have been trying to conceive. She got her first positive pregnancy test in December 2017 and was ecstatic because she had been hoping to start a family. Sarah went to the doctor 10 weeks later and learned that she was pregnant but had miscarried. It took its toll on her, but she overcame it with the help of her husband’s therapy, individual therapy, and yoga.
She became pregnant for the second time in January 2019. Unfortunately, she had another miscarriage due to “failure of implantation,” as the physicians put it. Sarah had another D&C in February 2019, and she was left feeling “scared” as she had been for the first time. She posted about her bad luck on Instagram, where she received a lot of kind feedback.

Sarah and Marson then discussed the possibility of freezing her eggs, with her appointment set for September of this year. Three weeks later, the doctor informed her that she was expecting a child, which came as a shock to her. Given their history of miscarriages, the couple underwent genetic testing and were found to be healthy. Sarah is due in 2020 with a baby boy.


Sarah Levey with his husband, Marson Levey
Sarah Levey with his husband, Marson Levey

Levey’s Net Worth

Mrs. Levey is a multi-millionaire, thanks to the success of her Y7 Studios, which has earned her a lot of money over time. The company had $9.8 million in revenue in 2018 and was placed 80th on the Inc. 5000 list. Bazaar, Shape, Forbes, Vogue, Entrepreneur, InStyle Women’s Health, and Refinery29 are just a few of the magazines that have highlighted Y7 Studios.

Sarah Levey Career

Sarah Larson Levey Y7 Studio

Sarah described her yoga studio as a location where she can work up a sweat, dance to the beats, and practice yoga under the stars. Sarah and her husband Mason Levey started the studio as a small pop-up location in Williamsburg in 2013. The seven chakras, or energy centers, on the human body, inspired the name y7. What began as a small space for “fun-filled” yoga sessions has grown to include at least nine other locations: eight in New York City, including Flatiron, Soho, and West Hollywood, and two in Los Angeles. The Y7 Studios are unique in that, unlike regular yoga studios, they lack mirrors, props, and are dimly lighted by candlelight. Sarah describes their focus as being on the customer and their yoga practice.
The studio is run by Sarah and her husband, Marson. Marson is in charge of the job’s technical aspects, while Sarah is in charge of client service. Their audience includes both men and women, and they provide a variety of classes, including yoga for pregnant mothers.

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