Sarah Montague Biography

Sarah Anne Louise Montague is a British journalist who previously worked as a regular on BBC Radio 4’s Today program. After 18 years as the principal actress on the show, she decided to leave.

How old is Sarah Montague? – Age

She was born in Guernsey, Guernsey, in 1966. She is 55 years old.

Where did Sarah Montague go to school? – Education

She went to the University of Rochester to study biology after graduating from Blanchelande College, a small private girls’ school.

Sarah Montague – Family

Montague was born in Guernsey, a British Crown dependency and one of the Channel Islands, to Colonel John Montague and Mary of Guernsey.

Montague’s Husband

Montague tied the knot with Richard Christopher Brooke in 2002. They are close friends with former Prime Minister David Cameron, with whom Brooke attended Eton College. In 2012, her spouse inherited the Brooke baronetcy.

Montague has three daughters and a stepdaughter.

Sarah Montague The BBC journalist
Sarah Montague The BBC journalist

What is Montague’s Salary?

She reportedly earns £133,000 a year.

Sarah Montague Net Worth

He has a net worth of $1 million, according to estimates.

Sarah Montague Career

When Sarah joined the Today show, it was her first radio broadcast. She began her career in television in 1997, when she joined the BBC to help develop BBC News 24. It came as a huge shock to her when then-editor Rod Liddle approached her about hosting the show. She, on the other hand, took advantage of the chance to do “exactly what I want to be doing.” She studied biology at Bristol University before moving to London to work for NatWest, first as a private client stockbroker and subsequently in Eurobond sales.
She decided the city wasn’t for her, so she took a year off to travel before partnering with a friend to establish a mail-order shirt business. The business did survive, but not the friendship or Sarah’s job. At the age of 24, Sarah decided to follow her heart and try to break into radio current affairs after being dismissed twice. She approached her local television newsroom in Guernsey and asked if she could come in and serve tea for free for a few weeks because she couldn’t find a job.
Sarah spent three years as a reporter and presenter for Channel Television in Guernsey and Jersey. In 1994, she came to London to work as a freelance television news reporter before joining Reuters to host a daily business show. She became a business presenter for Sky News in January 1996.
In 1997, the BBC approached her and requested her to be one of the presenters for the launch of BBC News 24, the BBC’s new news channel. She agreed to host the breakfast program early in the morning despite her wish to work more conventional hours.

Since joining the BBC, she has hosted a number of news shows, including BBC Two’s Newsnight, BBC One’s Breakfast with Frost, BBC Breakfast news, and BBC One news bulletins. She continues to present BBC International’s Hardtalk, on which she has interviewed world leaders as well as rock stars, in addition to Today.


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