Sarah Rainsford Biography

Sarah Rainsford is a BBC Moscow correspondent, a gifted writer, and a well-known figure in the media. She’s been reporting for fifteen years, beginning in Moscow with her team’s coverage of the Beslan school siege, which won a SONY Gold Award. Since then, she has operated from bases in Istanbul and Madrid in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Ukraine. Rainsford was deported to Havana in 2011.

How old is Sarah Rainsford? – Age

The exact age of Sarah Rainsford has yet to be determined. She has not mentioned her date of birth or the location of her birth.

Where did Sarah Rainsford go to school? – Education

Rainsford went to a normal Midlands public school for his education. She studied Russian and French at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge and graduated with a degree in languages. She was also a football player there, earning the moniker “Crusher” after breaking a girl’s collarbone.

Sarah Rainsford– Family

Derek Rainsford, a former Drakes Broughton resident, is her father. Her father currently resides in the Welsh town of Monmouth. Her mother, on the other hand, is a complete mystery.

Rainsford’s husband

Kester Aspden, a writer, is Sarah Transford’s husband. When they were both students at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge, the couple met. Kester was working on his doctorate at the time. Sarah described her husband as a rare species in an interview. A moveable husband is a rare breed among international correspondents.

Sarah Rainsford The BBC journalist
Sarah Rainsford The BBC journalist

What is Sarah Rainsford Salary and Net worth?

Rainsford’s salary and personal worth are being scrutinized.


Russia’s Expulson

The Russian government informed Rainsford in mid-August 2021 that her visa would not be extended, resulting in her removal as part of punitive measures between the UK and Russia over journalistic coverage, which BBC Director-General Tim Davie described as a “flagrant assault on journalistic freedom” that was “unequivocally condemned.”

Sarah Rainsford is a writer from the United Kingdom.


Rainford started as an intern at Bloomberg TV and eventually rose through the ranks to become a producer. She subsequently acquired a job with the BBC Russian Service, where she called journalists to record their stories and then used a razor blade to cut the quarter-inch tape.

In August of 2000, she moved to Moscow. It was shortly after the Kursk submarine sank, and Vladimir Putin’s administration had just begun. Two days later, she was covering the disaster as a producer. When the Nord-Ost theatre siege occurred in 2002, Sarah received her big break. Hundreds of people were kidnapped by Chechen militants who invaded a Moscow theater during a musical performance. She ended up doing her first live reporting outside on a cell phone.

Rainsford is a media figure and a BBC Moscow correspondent. “Our Woman in Havana: Reporting on Castro’s Cuba,” is her first book. She has worked in Havana, Madrid, and Istanbul in the past. She went on to say, “He can thank me for taking him to Havana for three years, where he learnt to dance salsa.” He now plans to write about it. ” While they were in Istanbul, her husband wrote the book “The Hounding of David Oluwale.” In the category of criminal non-fiction, the book was nominated for a Gold Dagger award. Sarah, on the other hand, has been mum on whether or not she is a mother.

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