Sarah Weddington Biography

Sarah Ragle Weddington (February 5, 1945 – December 26, 2021) was an American lawyer, law professor, and member of the Texas House of Representatives most remembered for representing “Jane Roe” (also Norma McCorvey) in the famous Roe v. Wade case before the US Supreme Court.

How old is Sarah Weddington? – Age

Weddington was born as Sarah Ragle in Abilene, Texas.

Where did Sarah Weddington go to school? – Education

She was the drummer of her junior high band, president of her church’s Methodist youth fellowship, played the organ, sang in the chorus, and rode horses as a child. Weddington graduated from McMurry University with a bachelor’s degree in English two years ahead of schedule after graduating from high school two years early. Her sorority, Sigma Kappa, was her alma mater. She enrolled in the University of Texas Law School in 1964 and received her diploma in 1967.

Weddington Husband – Family

She was the daughter of Lena Catherine and The Rev. Herbert Doyle Ragle, a Methodist minister.

Sarah Weddington the American Lawyer
Sarah Weddington the American Lawyer


Weddington spoke on the resolution of women’s reproductive freedom at the historic 1977 National Women’s Conference in Houston as a Texas delegate.

She worked for the US Department of Agriculture in 1977, as an advisor to US President Jimmy Carter from 1978 to 1981, and as a lecturer at Texas Woman’s University from 1981 to 1990.

The Weddington Center was founded by her.

Until 2012, she was also a lecturer and adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Austin.
Weddington revealed why she took the bogus rape claims all the way to the Supreme Court in a lecture to the Institute for Educational Ethics in Oklahoma: “It’s possible that my actions were unethical. However, I did it for what I believed to be excellent reasons.” She described McCorvey as “a changing person” in a 2018 interview with Time, adding, “the challenge I had was trying to identify when she was telling the truth and when she wasn’t.” “I was very careful in crafting the materials that were filed with the court to make sure I only put in things I was certain were accurate,” she continued.


As author

  • A Question of Choice was published in 1993
  • The United States Delegation to the United Nations Mid-Decade Conference for Women, Copenhagen (July 14–30, 1980)
  • The legal status of homemakers in Texas was published in 1997
  • Weddington, Sarah was published on 31 March 2003

As contributing author

  • Guide to women’s resources. The Office of Sarah Weddington published in 1980
  • Honoring a commitment to the people of America : the record of President Jimmy Carter on issues published in 1980
  • Roe v. Wade: proceedings of arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court published in the 1970s
  • Barbara Vackar papers published between 1972–1979
  • Hermine Tobolowsky collection was published between 1957–1983
  • A documentary of progress during the administration of Jimmy Carter published between the years 1977 to 1981
  • Texas women in politics was published in 1977

Weddington’s Death

Weddington was discovered lifeless in her Austin, Texas, home by her assistant on 26 December 2021; she had died in her sleep at the age of 76 that morning.

She suffered from a variety of health issues in the months preceding up to her death, but no official cause of death has been declared.

Her death came only a few days after the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case challenging Roe v. Wade.

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