Simon Miniminter Biography

Simon Miniminter is a member of the Sidemen and British YouTube gamer personality who is well-known for his commentary and FIFA-related vlogs. Additionally, he has channels called MiniminterClips and MiniminterShorts. Online users may also refer to him as Miniminter.

What is Miniminter’s real name? – Age

Miniminter was born as Simon Edward Minter on the 7th of September 1992 in Leeds, England. He 30 turned years in 2022.

Simon Miniminter Education

Locally, Simon went to Berkhamsted School, a private or independent school. Later on, he attended the University of Hull to study criminology.

Simon Miniminter Family – Parents

The youngest of the Minter family’s three sons, Miniminter was born in Leeds, England, as Simon Edward Minter. Nick and Johnny, are his older brothers.

Simon Miniminter’s Wife/Girlfriend – Married

Since 2017, Simon has been dating English YouTuber and pop singer Talia Mar.


Simon Minter's photo
Simon Minter’s photo

Simon Miniminter Height

He is 6 feet 1 inches (1.9 meters) tall.

What is Simon Miniminter Salary?

His salary is estimated to be $46.63 Thousand Per Month.

Simon Miniminter Net Worth

He receives a predicted net worth of $10 million.

Simon Miniminter Career

For his vlogs and commentary on the FIFA video game, popular YouTube player Minimiter is well-known. His present status, notoriety, and wealth are incomparable to some of his peers’ most extravagant ambitions and fantasies. Who in their right mind would have imagined that a young man of just 14 or 15 could turn his hobby into a device that “mints” money! By the beginning of 2016, Miniminter had gathered more than 5 million subscribers between his two YouTube channels, “miniminter” and “channel mm7games,” which he presently administers. Despite the fact that Miniminter first rose to fame for his work on FIFA, he now focuses on other video games. In addition to running two YouTube channels, Miniminter is a founding member of the Ultimate Sidemen.
Simon released his first FIFA video just before he graduated from college in December 2012. Simon said that the “mini” in “Miniminter” was a reference to his young height. The fact that he is the youngest of his family’s three children is also believed to be a reference. He makes the joke often, which may or may not be accurate, that the “little” part refers to his penis. In April 2013, Simon and Deji worked together on their first video. About a year later, he and three other Sidemen members moved into the first Sidemen House. Vik and him had only been friends for a few months at this point.
Age is only a number. is a cliche that accurately sums up Miniminter, a popular YouTube gamer and vlogger who started his career at the age of 14. While other children his age were adjusting to their new adolescent years, Miniminter was busy honing his skills and following his love as a career. Miniminter, 24, makes almost $1,000,000 a year by playing video games and uploading them on YouTube. The extraordinary growth of Miniminter can be attributed to both the primary channel, “miniminter,” and the auxiliary channel, “mm7games.”

Simon Miniminter’s Twitter and Instagram

  • His Twitter handle is; Wedgeman Simon (@miniminter).
  • His Instagram is @miniminter.

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