Vladimir Putin Biography

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the current president of Russia, is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer. He has been in this post since 2012, and prior to that, he held it from 1999 to 2008.

How old is Vladimir Putin? – Age

He was born as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on 7 October 1952 in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. He turned 69 years in 2021. 

Where did Vladimir Putin go to school? – Education

Putin met Anatoly Sobchak, a corporate law assistant professor who eventually became a co-author of the Russian constitution as well as the French corruption schemes. Sobchak’s career in Saint Petersburg would be influenced by Putin. Putin’s career in Moscow would be influenced by Sobchak.
Putin began his education at School No. 193 on Baskov Lane, near his house, on September 1, 1960. He was one of only a few students in his class of about 45 who had not yet joined the Young Pioneer organization. He began sambo and judo training at the age of twelve. Putin attended Saint Petersburg High School 281 and is fluent in German.

Putin earned a bachelor’s degree in law from Leningrad State University named after Andrei Zhdanov (now Saint Petersburg State University) in 1970. His thesis was titled “International Law’s Most Favored Nation Trading Principle.” He was forced to join the Communist Party of the Soviet Union when he was there, and he remained a member until it was abolished (it was outlawed in August 1991).

Vladimir Putin – Family

Putin was born after the deaths of two siblings born in the mid-1930s, Viktor and Albert. During the Siege of Leningrad by Nazi Germany’s forces in World War II, Albert died in infancy, while Viktor died of diphtheria. Putin’s mom worked at a factory and his father was a conscript in the Soviet Navy in the early 1930s, serving in the submarine fleet. His dad was a member of the NKVD’s demolition brigade early in World War II. He was afterward sent to the regular army, where he received a serious injury in 1942. Putin’s maternal grandmother was assassinated by German occupants of the Tver region in 1941, while his maternal uncles vanished on the Eastern Front during WWII.

Putin’s Wife

Putin met Lyudmila, his future wife while working as a flight attendant in 1980. Maria, born in 1985, and Yekaterina, born in 1986, were the couple’s two daughters when they married in 1983. In early June 2013, Russia’s first couple announced their divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage, offering no reason for their decision but assuring that it was consensual and amicable.


With his ex-wife Lyudmila Shkrebneva, he has two adult daughters: Maria, 36, and Katerina, 34.

Vladimir Putin The Russian president
Vladimir Putin The Russian president

What is Putin Salary?

 He receives an estimated salary of $187 Thousand Per Year.

Putin Net Worth

 His net worth has been predicted to be $70 Billion.

Vladimir Putin Career

Vladimir Putin worked in East Germany between 1985 and 1990. For Faithful Service to the National People’s Army, he received a bronze medal from the German Democratic Republic in 1989.

Vladimir Putin was appointed as the rector’s assistant in charge of foreign relations at Leningrad State University in 1990.

Putin began working as Chairman of the Committee for International Relations at St Petersburg City Hall in June 1991, and from 1994, he also served as Deputy Chairman of the St Petersburg City Government.

He was promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office and Chief of the Main Control Directorate in March 1997.

Putin was named First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office in May 1998, and Director of the Federal Security Service in July 1998.

He also served as Secretary of the Russian Federation’s Security Council from March 1999 until March 2000.

Putin was chosen Prime Minister of the Russian Government in August 1999.

Putin was named Acting President of the Russian Federation on December 31, 1999.
On 26 March 2000, Putin was sworn In as president of Russia, and on 14 March 2004, he was re-elected for a second term.

He was named Prime Minister by presidential executive decree on 8 May 2008. He became President of Russia on 4 March 2012.

On 6 December 2017, the President confirmed his decision to run in the 2019 presidential election during a visit to the GAZ Group Automobile Plant in Nizhny Novgorod.

Putin was registered as a presidential contender by the Central Election Commission on December 28.

He was re-elected President of Russia on 18 March 2018.

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